Binance's dust-busting!

Cool on Binance: that they now have this service to convert your leftover bits of ‘dust’ into their BNB token. I have like so many scraps and sats here and there, all over different exchanges. I think it’s a great idea to be able to just do something with them at last.

Plus you can also transfer BNB into Tether, if you think prices are going to crash soon.

Still won’t deal with all the basically dead tokens from failed ICOs that are cluttering up coinmarketcap and exchanges everywhere, but still… it's a start. And let's keep an eye on for really taking the trash out (or should I say, the recycling!)

This new feature released by the Binance team will now allow their users convert their crypto dust into BNB tokens. You can convert balances with a valuation below 0.001 BTC to BNB once every 24 hours. It is not currently possible to convert delisted coins. At the time of writing this post, BNB is trading at $14.10 according to Coinmarketcap.

In order to convert crypto dust to BNB tokens follow the process mentioned below –

Firstly login to your Binance account.
Go to Funds and then click on Balances. convert crypto dust to binance bnb tokens
After that, you will see one extra feature added to your dashboard i.e. Convert to BNB.
Click on Convert to BNB.convert small balances to BNB tokens
At the bottom of the screen, you will get the exact value to BNB that you will get after converting your crypto dust into BNB tokens.
That all.
The reactions of the users regarding this feature is positive. The feature Convert to BNB is user-friendly.

What do you think about this new feature by Binance? Do you convert your Crypto dust or prefer to hodl? Let us know your views in the comment section below.

Binance recently took part in their quarterly BNB burn, resulting in $30 Million worth of BNB being removed from the circulating supply on April 15, 2018. This means that Binance’s token has become much more of a rarity, which has been reflected positively in its price. The quarterly BNB burn also acts as a way of the exchange showing their fans how seriously they take their business.

One of Binance’s most desired features has finally been released: an option to convert small balances of coins into BNB tokens (Binance’s own currency). Small balances, also referred to as dust, often occur after a trade has taken place on the exchange. They are generally below the value of $5.00 and can be frustrating considering how they are too small for much to be done with them. People have been asking if they can swap them out for BNB for some time now because one of the perks of the token is that it significantly reduces transaction fees on the exchange.

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