Face your Fears: Dealing with Financial Losses Caused by Bitcoin and Ethereum

From $20,000, Bitcoin’s price is currently ranging around $7,000. From $1,400 Ethereum is now selling around $380. Meet other crypto believers who were also not able to quit when they should have and learn how they dealt with the loss. http://datameetsmedia.com/how-to-deal-with-financial-losses-caused-by-bitcoin-and-ethereum/

The future is bright for cryptocurrency’s big players — particularly Bitcoin and Ethereum. Despite the sometimes dramatic dips which have occurred so far in 2018, investors should be looking towards a positive future for both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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Just delete Bitcoin Ticker Widget. Delete all price update apps. You looking at the really shitty prices won’t help Bitcoin nor Ethereum increase in value. It will just make you neurotic and unfocused for the day ahead. Refreshing every minute, I mean every 10 seconds, is just a waste of energy and mobile data.

It is really hard for those that committed money with a short-term outlook and can't afford to leave it sit until it regains its value. Those people have no financial flexibility and have to just accept the loss as a lesson.

But for those who are able to wait it out, and are confident that their holdings will return to or surpass their purchase value, it is just a matter of waiting for it to happen.

The ones who don't have confidence in their investment returning to previous heights, but have the luxury to agonise over the price roller coaster are the ones I really feel for. But there's nothing that can be done there. Just create an automation on Zapier or IFTTT to email you when the price passes your threshold then forget about it. Move on.

p.s. If you know how to set up an automation to alert you when a cryptocurrency goes over a value, please post a tutorial on this forum and a link to it in this thread.

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