Cryptocurrency boom is over?!


Cryptocurrency boom is over with conditions 'returning to normal', trading firm Plus500 says.

The independent published this today and I am not sure if I agree with them. What do you guys think?

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The market is going to a bigger boom in near future.

We are only just beginning... 🙂

@shanzida said in Cryptocurrency boom is over?!:

The market is going to a bigger boom in near future.

Over the past year, cryptocurrencies have seen incredible gains, with the sector averaging 20,000 percent price increases.

The mind-blowing growth of the crypto-sector has minted its share of millionaires, even leading Forbes to publish the very first "Crypto-Rich List."

Despite media claims suggesting that the bubble has burst, cryptocurrencies still have tremendous upside potential, and HashChain knows it.

Cryptographically secure, transparent, and globally available, cryptocurrencies are poised to give cash a run for its money.

Even governments are racing to get in on the action. Arizona is already preparing to accept tax payments in bitcoin, and other states are sure to follow suit.

But right now, there are so many cryptocurrencies drowning the market, it is difficult for investors to gain their bearings. It's true - the cryptocurrency does matter. Each coin serves its own purpose, runs on its own technology, and ultimately, these factors will determine a coin's value and impact on markets.

@nicolaortiz As the cryptocurrency craze reaches a full-blown frenzy, Wall Street has definitely taken notice. Institutional investors, however, have favored more traditional platforms over investing directly in cryptocurrencies.

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