Category Suggestion Thread

If anyone has any suggestions for categories or wants to be a moderator, please PM me.

Hi, how about making a category for make money online. It would help many unemployed youth.

@turkey I'm not sure how relevant that is to a blockchain forum, but thank you for the suggestion. Perhaps if there's more support we'll reconsider.

making money online is a hot topic for so many people especially who want to work staying at home so we can think about it.

So many youths of both developed and developing countries are now working online and making their butter and bread from it.

It is really excellent to work at home as no shouting from boss or owner and also no risk of accident on the road as you are staying at home while you are working.

I guess the world is changing in such a way that in future most of the work people will do online.............that already started...........we can buy near about everything from online market and doing office work even from home.

Now people from developing countries are earning a lot doing online jobs. It is like a dream to them that they are doing jobs with companies and individuals of the first world.

I don't disagree, so we'll open a jobs board for cryptocurrencies. How does that sound @mirpur?

This post is deleted!

@elliot make some for crypto scam or legit checker.
For new ICO's

@arrana That's a really good idea. Done.

Make some about smart contract,

ok. got it,checking it now.

What about some charity use of crypto?

@arrana said in Category Suggestion Thread:

crypto scam or legit checker.

Agree with you. These are really good topics

In reality, there are a few different “types” of cryptocurrencies such as:

  1. “Currency” Cryptocurrencies (Based on Scalability - Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, etc. and based on Privacy - Monero, Dash, Zcash, etc.)
  2. “Utility” Cryptocurrencies (Ethereum, Filecoin, etc.)
  3. “App/Platform” Cryptocurrencies (Augur, 0x, etc.)

So, can it be categorized like that?

@mk-hasan said in Category Suggestion Thread:

“Utility” Cryptocurrencies

Sounds great

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