Telegram group

Hi all,

I'm happy to announce that we've made a telegram group for all of you to join:

Here's the link:

Feel free to share it with anyone interested in blockchain, we'll be adding more content to the forum & telegram soon.

As always, any feedback, comments, questions, or concerns are always welcome.



Great! I am going to join there now

Great! I will join today!

I'm in! Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Hello Elliot,
I just joined Telegram, it's nice to be one of the first people there!


Nice! Telegram is amazing! I did not know there was a telegram, this is a good way to create strong links between users

Great! I'm in.

Awesome! I am really happy after reading this.

Great! Will join it ASAP!

Sure will join in

Nice, will join it ASAP

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