As the first digital currency exchange to introduce the game industry into the Token Economy, Global Gravitation Bitcoin (GGBTC) adopted the original deflationary economic model, which was widely recognized by the industry and attracted many institutions to invest.

At the end of March, Global Gravitation Bitcoin announced the first round of financing, obtaining joint investment from American GONE Fund, LD Capital, and Hunter Capital. The round of financing is tens of millions of yuan.

The investment of the three top investment institutions is undoubtedly a powerful endorsement of the strength of GGBTC.

At the end of April, GGBTC announced again that they obtained joint investment from Bitrise Capital,Consensus Lab,Hui&Brothers Capital, ZY Capital, Landscape Capital, Insight Capital, Distributed Foundation, AlphaCoin Fund, The Force Partners, Tachyon Capital, with participation from American GONE Fund. The funding round is tens of millions of RMB, and the total funding exceeds 50 million RMB. GGBTC is progressing to the third round of financing.

Under the good capital market, GGBTC officially sent the latest news: GGC (GGBTC Coin) of GGBTC trading platform is expected to be available from June to August.

The GGC/ETH, GGC/BTC, and GGC/USDT trading pairs will be opened during the same period.

GGBTC is undoubtedly lucky among other cryptocurrency exchanges. Since its launch, it has won the influence that most exchanges do not have. As a rare player who is favored by capital, GGBTC has attracted more attention and traffic.

The Matthew effect in the current situation of the competition is becoming more and more obvious. What important actions has GGBTC made? And how likely is it to enter the first echelon?

The most important thing is whether GGC can lead the rise of platform coins and carry the expectations of investors, and then become a new strength that drives the overall market or not?

Quality Assets
The core competitiveness of exchanges at this stage lies in quality assets. In this regard, GGBTC has completed strategic deployments in Korea, Singapore, Japan and Southeast Asia, and selected star projects to join the ecology on a global scale.
GGBTC Labs, jointly established with American GONE Fund, is also expected to be officially launched at the end of September to promote the breakthrough development of blockchain applications.

At the same time, in terms of the key cryptocurrency review mechanism, GGBTC adheres to the “Admitting Leniently while Graduating Rigorously”.

On the one hand, part of the rights of listing cryptocurrencies are allocated to the community, and the market is free to choose.
On the other hand, the quality currency will be strictly screened from multiple dimensions such as team background, technical strength and overseas visibility.
While providing users with a rich currency investment option, GGBTC can also meet the needs of their investment in high-quality blockchain assets to the greatest extent.

Community Influence
The influence of the exchange, including the ability to empower the project, is related to the community influence of the platform.

For community building, GGBTC is systematically planned. In the early stage, the user construction of overseas and domestic major cities was mainly promoted by the community model. At present, the Chinese community and the English community have relatively large users and high user activity.

As the market continues to expand, GGBTC’s community organizations in various regions of the world have also expanded, such as the Korean community, the Japanese community, and the Thai and Vietnamese communities, which were launched in April.

Next, GGBTC’s focus on the community is the in-depth construction. Through active online and offline activities, the exchange will expand its scope of influence and win a large number of fans for the release of the platform coin GGC from June to August.

Take GGBTC’s Institute of Gravitation as an example. In April, with 8 people in the global blockchain industry, Institute of Gravitation and Deepchain have created a “Super Class” and built three major courses: horizontal system, vertical application, and training. After meeting the needs of the students at different stages, the first batch of students also became the seed users of the GGBTC community, which played an important role in the construction and activity of the early community.

On the 14th to 18th of April, the first issue of the “Super Class” named “Five-day Blockchain Lecture” quickly increased the popularity of GGBTC in the industry.

On the one hand, the five leading figures in the blockchain field shared their own hands-on experience in the industry, and students learned a lot. On the other hand, the self-propagation of the lecturers and students, as well as the poster in WeChat Moments also helped GGBTC quickly complete the first phase of accurate community building.

It is also worth mentioning that on April 15, GGBTC responded positively to the BCHSV “Black Swan” incident.

In the 24 hours after Biance’s announcement of the BCHSV, GGBTC issued an announcement expressing its willingness to support the world of blockchain freedom, various types of tokens and community development, including support for the long-term development of the BCHSV community after the “Black Swan” incident. And GGBTC announced that it will launch BCHSV at 16:00 on April 16, 2019 Beijing time, and open the BCHSV/BTC transaction pair.

The action attracted public concern and won the support of BCHSV holders and the community. Most importantly, GGBTC believes in liberal market values ​​and serves the role of neutral service providers in the free flow of all value assets. It is a great help for the exchange to strive for quality assets.

Economic Model of Platform Coin
There are many factors affecting the status of the exchange, one of which is the platform trading volume. The transaction volume is closely related to the economic model of platform coin. From this logical relationship, the innovation of the economic model of platform coin is the core element of the current emerging exchanges.

The platform coin GGC, which is expected to be launched from June to August, is a real application-type token that can fully penetrate all nodes of the exchange ecosystem. At the same time, the circulation mechanism of GGC is designed based on the platform innovation and the introduction of game industry to make it have a natural landing scene and unique competitiveness in liquidity and deflation effect.

GGBTC pioneered a new economic model with a deflationary effect in the industry, which will ensure the continuing and steady growth of the investors’ income.

The model consists of GGC alliance, game platform market (access) and GGC circulation mechanism.
The combination with the game market and the establishment of the GGC Alliance will ultimately affect the sustainable rise of the exchange platform coin.

GGC will be used as the main currency of the game platform and the deduction of fees, that is, the user volume, average daily UV, and capital flow of the entire game platform will be converted into the liquidity and depth of the GGC. With more game platforms connected, richer landing scene of GGC and larger ecological scale, the demand and consumption of GGC will be greater, which will lead to an increase in the true value of the GGC, thereby making the holders profitable.

At the same time, part of the GGBTC‘s profit and transaction fee income will be used to repurchase the GGC and destroy GGC according to a certain percentage to maintain the circulation of GGC in a deflationary state.

Recent Development and Overall Layout of GGBTC
Since its inception, GGBTC has been committed to becoming the world’s top digital currency exchange, and its development strategy is also global.

Business development, including the development of overseas markets, is the focus of GGBTC’s 2019 efforts. The team believes that southeast Asia is a virgin land with open and promising policies. For the imagination GGBTC can bring to the market, compared with the narrow domestic currency circle, overseas shows a broader imagination space.

Based on this consideration, GGBTC will focus on the promotion of some countries and regions with good community foundation on the basis of existing businesses.

In terms of IEO, which has set off a new wave in the digital currency market this year, GGBTC hopes to recommend projects with more landing scenarios and support from the real economy to users.

The team believes that IEO is still a risky financing behavior, and the emergence of more and more IEO platforms means that the field may be in a mixed situation.

In fact, IEO means an exchange tying its credibility to the strength and market performance of the project, so it is not the “quantity” but the “quality” of the project that determines the sustainability of IEO. This is a very basic common sense, but it is often ignored by the market.

Therefore, it is more prudent for GGBTC to enter the IEO market at this stage, because the project quality will directly affect the market value performance of the platform coin.

The GGBTC IEO platform is expected to be launched from June to August. At that time, under the strict project screening (rating) model, the exchange will also involve the huge secondary market and the community, to ensure to the greatest extent that the exchange can not only provide investors with more high-quality assets, but also bring market heat and value parity to the project side.

In addition to the above planning, GGBTC will embrace regulation, complete information disclosure, seek compliance methods, and actively promote the operation mode of global exchange + local compliance exchange +STO exchange in 2019 and 2020. Currently, the related layout of GGBTC in Hong Kong station, Singapore station and South Korea station has entered the final stage.

From the perspective of project maturity, GGBTC focuses on the high-quality assets, community and the economic model of platform coin, the active development of regional markets, the expansion of GGBTC ecosystem, trading + game platform + incubator + global community + compliance of the full-dimensional layout.

It is conceivable that after the ecological sectors of GGBTC have grown and developed, GGC, as a voucher for circulation within the system, has more application scenarios and user bases, and its value will show up in the future.

The digital currency industry, which has a small stock market, needs more new blood than any other field. Can Global Gravitation Bitcoin help the whole industry to upgrade in volume while fulfilling its own vision and thus become a new engine for the coming market?

We would love to see it happen.