Editing posts

Hi Elliot,

It would be nice to have the option to edit posts. This allows for correction of overlooked typos and provides the opportunity to add important information where it best fits.

Is this possible?


I made a lot of typo and don't get an option to edit 😞

Admin bring edit option back!

Actually here we need more moderators too beside the edit option

Try now πŸ™‚

Working now. Pro-Tip, when replying to a post, just type a word, post it, then edit. This then brings up the WYSIWGY window on the right, as well as the formatting and other buttons. So you don't need to remember the text code for bold, itallics, strikethrough, and so on. πŸ‘

Formatting Codes

__also bold__



![alt text](image url)

:EmojiName: = ☺

  • lists item by starting with a * and a followed with a space
  1. And a numbered list starts with a 1 followed by a period and a space
  • Or you can use a + instead of a *
  • Even a - works, but you still just get a black dot.
    Following text stays indented.

Use two carriage returns to break out of the list.

@ signs bring up a list of relevant users to tag. Let @timmarsh know you care.

# for headlines

This one can also be achieved with a single equals sign = on the following line

## for smaller headlines

This one can also be achieved with a single hyphen - on the following line

### and smaller headlines

#### and so on…

Three tildes ~ to start a code block.
Three more ~ tildes to end it.

`Formats red mono-space` Same key as the ~ symbol

If the text is too small, put some #s in front

> Gives you a 'reply or quote' style indent
Which continues after a single carriage return.

To break out, use two carriage returns.

>> Gives you another layer down. There is no bottom to this rabbit hole.

And if you're wondering how I typed all of those symbols without them having the normal effect, I used the \ character in front of them to escape their usage.

If you discover any other codes or tips, please reply, and I'll edit this post to include them.

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