Tark wallet, with two super features and six advantages. It has two super features of anonymity and security, and also with six advantages of multi-currency, second-speed, multi-account system, offline signature, multiple verification, and open third-party ecosystem. With the world's first dual-form cold wallet security protection mode, it has achieved a major breakthrough in technology, and fully reflected the spirit of blockchain in application.
The Jewish businessman Ajm is a token asset launched by Jewish saint JT based on the advanced blockchain 4.0 technology. It is the twin brother of Bitcoin, and continued to upgrade on the basis of Bitcoin, with the power to change the world, known as digital gold in the 21st century. This is an era of great change, Jewish businessman Ajm is changing the world.
T-ark wallet and Jewish businessman Ajm had reached a strategic cooperation, globally, it will send you Ajm worth of 10,000 US dollars after your registration, the activity is unprecedented. The strong cooperation will inevitably promote the transformation of the blockchain in the financial field and realize the ecosystem of global cross-border settlement.
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