Day Trading

I've dabbled with day trading a little bit as a quick and easy (but sometimes very risky) way to increase my holdings.

This typically plays out with me selling a portion (or all) of my holdings after a nice gain, then waiting for a pullback to buy back in at a lower price. The downside to this strategy is that you can get caught out of position and may have to buy back in at a much higher price than you sold. Thus, if you aren't careful (or are very unlucky), you will actually end up decreasing your holdings--despite maybe increasing vs. fiat currency.

What are your thoughts on trading vs HODLing?

While trading has tremendous potential for immediate rewards, it also involves a fair share of risk because a stock may not recover from a downswing within the time frame you'd like—and may in fact drop further in price. In addition, frequent trading can be expensive, since every time you buy and sell, you may pay broker's fees for the transaction. Also, if you sell a stock that you haven't held for a year or more, any profits you make are taxed at the same rate as your regular income, not at your lower tax rate for long-term capital gains.

Buy-and-hold investors still need to take price fluctuations into account, and they must pay attention to the stock's ongoing performance. Naturally, the price at which you buy a stock directly affects the potential profits you'll make from its sale. So it makes sense to buy the stock at a price you believe is reasonable. While you hold the stock, it's also important to watch for signs that your investment isn't going the direction you planned—for example, if the company regularly misses its earnings targets, or if developments in the industry turn bleaker.

Sometimes you'll decide, after reviewing the company's fundamentals, that it's worthwhile to ride out a slump in price and wait for a stock to recover. Other times, you may decide you'll have better returns if you sell your holding and invest elsewhere. Either way, it's important to stay on top of the stocks you own by paying attention to news that could affect their value.

If you are newbie than day trading is full of risk so you should only focus on long term holdings and gains.

If you want passive investment than invest in new ICOs and hold them till they will boom but you can also lost due to scam ICOs.

Never put your money in any coin just because someone have recommended you to get into it.

if we're talking about day trade and long trade every people or trader will agree that long trade profit always beat day trade profit,
no matter who is he/she an expert or beginner,all that they know is buying and keeping it for certain time will bring us a lot of profit,
instead of buying and selling it at the same day.
day trade created just for them who want to make a profit for their living and for them who is moving the market.
also doing a daily trade is not a good choice because we may be can miss the train if we're unlucky.
just like me a years ago when i started my journey,
everyday i made 3 trades and made a profit for around 5% sometimes more than that,
someday i made a trade and get profit for 10%,i thought the price will be declined because it's already pumped.
i was wrong,instead of moving downward the price moved to the opposite and if i kept it i should be get a profit for more than 70%.
effective or not it's all about the strategy,
but i do not recommend to do the day trade because it's very risky and the profit that we will get compared to the risk itself is not worth at all.

cryptocurreny is a good asset for holding,because right now we're still under process.
with the time i believe people will be openly accept it and we will get the rewards handsomely.

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