With the collection of personal data by big data, the trend of personalized products and services has gradually formed. The price of this trend is the user’s private data.

Today, privacy data has become one of the most valuable information, and people have realized the importance of protecting this asset. In fact, in terms of cybersecurity issues, the protection of data and user identities, as well as the prevention of hacker attacks, are all critical. Blockchain technology can effectively solve this series of problems by virtue of its untamed and distributed storage. Therefore, blockchain technology has also become a timely rain in the field of network security.
Recently, several blockchain projects have appeared in the network security technology application project.

[Alliance blockchain]
As a private blockchain that requires registration permission, the alliance blockchain is limited to the participation of alliance members, and can also be regarded as a “partial decentralization” blockchain.
Unlike the public blockchain, the data of the alliance chain is limited to the organizations and users in the alliance. Since there are fewer nodes in the alliance blockchain, it is easy to reach a consensus and the transaction speed can naturally speed up.
Currently, the alliance blockchain mostly exists among members of large financial institutions, including the R3 blockchain alliance and the Hyperledger project. The R3 Blockchain Alliance is committed to providing banks with channels to explore blockchain technology and to build blockchain conceptual products. More than 40 international banking organizations have joined.
In addition, Hyperledger is an open source project promoted by the Linux Foundation for blockchain digital technology and transaction verification. The project hopes to streamline business processes through collaboration among members while meeting the needs of users in different industries. However, since there is no incentive mechanism for Token between the alliance blockchains, the realization of the relevant functions of the blockchain depends entirely on the voluntary or other incentive mode of the node.
The alliance blockchain is still highly dependent on the center, and it is likely to completely abandon decentralization and become a centralized organization.

[Government Information Platform]
The disclosure of government-related government information has always been criticized as the existence of “information islands.”
In fact, personal-related documents, assets, and supporting documents, and even related public records, can be moved to the blockchain.
This also increases the efficiency of the process related to personal authentication, eliminating the cumbersome certification of third-party organizations. In addition, in the aspect of government process supervision, a complete data link can be formed through the uplink of information, thereby effectively ensuring that information cannot be tampered with and traced back to the source in time.

[PlusFo Super Public Blockchain]
PlusFo is a self-contained system and represents the next generation of public blockchains following BTC, ETH and EOS.
PlusFo Super Chain integrates mining, quantification, gaming, and e-commerce. Its founding team is jointly built by the Wall Street investment bank elite and the founder of the cryptocurrency trading platform, the joint blockchain technology pioneer team, and prominent figures in the financial and technology fields. Its members are from the product technology departments of well-known enterprises such as Google, NASA, Microsoft, and Goldman Sachs.
PlusFo has created PUF mining. It only needs to complete the relevant tasks every day to get PUF, which is equivalent to the calculation power. It can also increase the profit by purchasing PUF, and get the platform token of PlusFo through the calculation of mining power — FOT. FOT can be directly converted to mainstream currencies (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.). Not only that, but by becoming a VIP member, the benefits of mining will double.
The game has always been a hot topic for apps, and PlusFo naturally lays out this. Various game apps are enough for your entertainment needs, and you can experience PlusFo games in your spare time. It is now supported to play games with FOT and four major currencies, and earn while playing in the game. In order to ensure fairness, the game data is all on the chain, users can check the game data by themselves, and all kinds of mainstream games are constantly updated!

At present, the blockchain technology has changed from the initial exploration phase to the practical phase. Just like PlusFo’s mining, quantification and games are all forms of application running on the PlusFo public blockchain. The application of blockchain technology in our life and related aspects have gradually formed platforms, products, new mechanisms, etc. There will be more different kinds of applications in the future, applied to the PlusFo super public blockchain.
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