Bitcoin is a small dream of mankind. The origin of this dream is science fiction, cyberpunk, and then the formation of a password punk organization. Nakamoto is from this organization.

With the “separation of industries, the blockchain can be combined with the transition from “discussion, layout and exploration” to “competition”, I often ask a question (to learn from investors) when interviewing the blockchain enterprise, if the industry giant also do this business, where is your living space?
Some bosses bluntly said, “There is nothing wrong with us, that is, the giants turn around and take a slow time.” Some entrepreneurs have stolen the concept of “decentralization” and tried to convince me that “the giants will not take such big risks.”
In fact, when asked this question, I don’t expect a team that just started to have competition barriers. I just hope that the practitioners who actually do things will pay attention to the market trends when they are working hard. These actions not only contain the energy to subvert the vertical track competition pattern, but also predict that a large amount of funds will enter the blockchain and cryptocurrency market.
We found that in the application of blockchain, the choices of domestic and foreign giants converge (financial, supply chain-based). The difference is mainly reflected in the strong demand for domestic traceability. Enterprises use more water for blockchain applications, while overseas embraces “financial innovation” and R&D “firepower” is relatively concentrated. Of course, behind the differences are different policy attitudes, economic environment, technological innovation and companypropaganda strategies.

According to a survey conducted by the Korean non-profit self-regulatory organization (SRO), 7.4% of Koreans said they purchased cryptocurrencies, with a per capita investment of more than 6,000 USD, more than 60% higher than last year, and 30 to 50 years old.
Now the mainstream market analysis software downloads are between 2 million and 3 million, so the rough statistics are currently 5 million in China, and there is also 20 times the growth.
The market for digital tokens against the stock market’s skyrocketing and plunging should be used to investors who have entered the market for more than half a year.

In the next round of bull market in 2019, the market may be spiraling upwards. Therefore, if you are using some value tokens to make long-term investment, you don’t have to worry about temporary profit and loss.
Do you want to invest now? If you are planning to hold the long-term bull market to the next round of bull market, it is a wise choice to enter the venue on a regular basis according to the specific situation. If you just fall too much, you will buy more points, like the previous period of time has continued to rise for a week or two, then Slowly wait for the callback, and continue to vote for a certain period of time, thus sharing the cost risk.
A few days ago, when browsing the public number, I accidentally saw a platform called PlusFo, which is called the next generation public chain representative. PlusFo has created the force mining. It only needs to complete the relevant tasks every day to get the force PUF, which is equivalent to the calculation power. It can also increase the profit by purchasing PUF, and get the platform currency of PlusFo through the calculation of mining power. FOT. And FOT can be directly converted to mainstream tokens (such as BTC, ETH, etc.). Not only that, but by becoming a VIP member, the benefits of mining will double.

At the same time,PlusFo’s special mechanism — exclusive insured feature. When the market is not good, many people still hold a lot of digital currency in their hands. The retention of these digital tokens has become a headache. PlusFo’s quantification model maximizes the use of these digital assets. On the one hand, if the market price rises, the corresponding income will increase. And once the price of the currency falls, this quantitative model can also make these digital tokens still insured. In the event of a loss, the PlusFo official will make up for the user’s total loss. This makes the user no longer have any worries.

The operation of PlusFo Super Public Blockchain has been continually eye-catching, but the investment market is ever-changing. Investors are often influenced by the market and market sentiment and generate various psychology and behaviors that are very harmful to investment. Another important reason for most investors to chase the hot spot is that early participants in the hot field took the opportunity to drink the first soup because of the first step, so other people take it for granted that this kind of thing will happen to them.
Why are you asking him? He would say that because others have succeeded, why can he, why can’t I? But in fact, many times others are available and you will lose your chance forever, because the background of time and space has changed radically. When the latecomers go to the hot spot, the Blue Ocean has become the Red Sea, and the chances of success are small.
Investment is different from other fields. What is most needed in this field is public wisdom. What is most needed is independent thinking. The average wisdom of a group is actually determined by the majority of people in this group. Most people will be in the crowd, so as an investor, you need to avoid the public and observe calmly.
When the risk is always at the top of the crowd, the opportunity is always on the verge of silence.