Is the Binance Hack True?

Chuk the hack part .. now they have come up with having a disk failure that had shut down the entire exchange on saturday..

I think people have over hyped the exchange .

It had a disk failure as well this Saturday
due to which the entire exchange was shut down for few hours without any prior notice

@VladEx said in Is the Binance Hack True?:

@Lana-Flame Binance has launched a version of its decentralized trading service - so-called Binance DEX

Ah I see, thanks

@sukanya-dee said in Is the Binance Hack True?:

Yea he has his insights that it was a planned thing
It can be possibly true too i feel cause they haven't made things very transparent and clear about the whole hack situation

Can't get how it could went through without noticing

0.2166 #BTC (2,011 USD) of stolen funds transferred from Binance Hack May 2019 to #Coinbase as per today's update

After reading this i will more curious and suspicious.. is anyone trade binance?????

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