Recently, Richard Liu’s incident in the United States has attracted a large number of spectators, but the people in the investment circle are more concerned about JD’s next investment direction, rather than the private life of the CEO. Then there is a torture of the soul: Do you know that JD is preparing to invest more in Tianjin, and its company will focus on the blockchain?

According to reports, in the 2019 centralized signing ceremony held in Tianjin Binhai New Area on April 24, there were 121 projects to be signed, with a total investment of 8.4 billion USD, including 29 on-site contracted projects with a total investment of 2.4 billion USD.JD Group further increased its investment in Tianjin and investment projects in this signing activity. Its JD Huizheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. will focus on "industry" with big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and blockchain as its core. The unbounded integration of technology and technology promotes the high-tech enterprises of the Internet, digital and intelligent industries.

In fact, JD has been trying and exploring in the blockchain field before this. Having said that, the editor can't help but once again torture the soul of the investment circle: JD opened the chicken farm, do you know? That JD chicken farm has used the blockchain technology to make the sales of free-range chickens double in the past few years. Do you know? In fact, since 2018, by tracking chickens and labeling them, customers can use their smartphones to scan information. Information about the diet, feeding methods, and source of the chicken can be obtained. Further, you should also know that is not only raising chickens for raising chickens, but also applying blockchain technology to help aquaculture companies save labor costs.

On April 22nd, Fu Wei, vice president of JD Digital Technology, said at the "2019 Economic and Trade Hotspot Forum" that the intelligent farming technology of JD Agriculture and Animal Husbandry can help aquaculture companies save more than 30% of labor costs. This technology is mainly focused on improving The efficiency of "raising pigs", using digital technology such as face recognition, IoT, blockchain, etc., not only realizes robot feeding, but also allows each pig to be born, grown, quarantined, slaughtered, processed, transported and sold, each The information of the link is recorded and cannot be tampered with for the convenience of consumers. Fu Wei also stressed that digital technology can breed new growth momentum, help the physical industry to break through the old development bottleneck, and become a new engine to help the industry's innovation and development.

If you have a deep understanding of this information, it is not difficult to draw a conclusion: JD is very optimistic about blockchain technology. So, have you been watching the blockchain field for so long?

At present, although the blockchain is applied in more and more fields, the most important one is related to BTC and other types of cryptocurrencies. FOT is a token issued by the recent PlusFo super blockchain. With the development of blockchain technology, FOT has been gratifying since its release, and more and more investors are optimistic about the incorporation, and its price is bound to rise.

Although the blockchain technology has been subject to many doubts, no one can stop its rapid development. Like, more and more leading companies are beginning to explore in the blockchain field, and believe that the future will only get better and better. Therefore, as a representative of the emerging generation of blockchains, PlusFo reminds you responsibly: there is a lot of time to pay attention to the development of the blockchain industry, and carefully choose investment projects, after all, many people have made money on the PlusFo platform.
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