Altucher - guru or shiller, hmm?

So I loved James Altucher when he wrote the Choose Yourself books, and learned so much from him about creativity and bouncing back when you reach rock bottom, the honesty in how he writes and totally just 'bleeds on the page' in the way that he does. And he has some amazing interviewees on his podcast too.

But all the stuff I see him putting out there about crypto just seems to have a bad smell about it, and I signed up for some report of his a few months ago and it was from this company called Agora Financial. And since then I just got SO much hassle from them, like every day - sometimes more than once - I couldn't get unsusbcribed and I just had to block them finally. Buy this report, join this exclusive mailing list, learn these amazing secrets - each list is like $3k to join up with!

And I just can't believe that it's the same James Altucher who has sold his soul to this kind of thing to just rip people off with something so hypey...

Has anyone signed up for his $$$ newsletters? I am not asking you what the exclusive secrets are, just if you have done, can you honestly tell me if you think it's been worthwhile, like have you got trading advice that you think is worth it as a result?

And has anyone ever managed to get Agora to stop f'ing emailing them???

@cryptochica said in Altucher - guru or shiller, hmm?:

Has anyone signed up for his $$$ newsletters?

I’m in the crowd to watch Altucher, a self-help guru, author, and podcaster, participate in a debate. His pale face, framed by crooked, rimless glasses and topped by a fluffy mop of curls, is instantly recognizable from the banner ads that have stalked me around the web for the last couple of months. Altucher, according to the ads, is the “crypto-genius” who will unveil the next bitcoin. Never mind criticisms that he directs his followers to invest in risky small-cap stocks and cryptocurrencies, leading to a temporary bump in their prices followed by a sell-off. Never mind the complaints from some customers that the newsletters and research papers he hawks via publishing company Agora Financial offer obvious information that’s otherwise freely available online.

Notably listed in the filing are a number of competing companies, among them some of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges including Coinbase‘s GDAX offering and Bitstamp.

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