Ultimate storage - subdermal wallet?

Wow, I just read this: https://www.ccn.com/bitcoin-under-the-skin-why-people-are-using-subdermal-microchip-wallets/

Is this the ultimate most secure way to store your crypto ever?

Or is it insanely risky, given that so many services use NFC now, could someone just scan your private key when they're trying to buy a bus ticket or something?

Also, is it going to lead to a spate of really gruesome robberies..?

I can't decide if I am intrigued or repulsed by the idea, or maybe it's a little bit of both. I definitely feel like NFC is too insecure, period. BUT the idea of a wallet you literally cannot lose definitely has its merits.

What a nice way of storing your encrypted Bitcoin keys!!! Its reported that up to 23% of all Bitcoins have already been lost without trace and this is making people take their security to a higher level. The procedure is done at a body piercing studio and the chips are manufactured from glass and measure 2mm x 12mm end to end LIterally this is the size of a small grain of rice. The process is less painful than an IV drip injection.

If you are a bit more discreet about your implant, nobody will ever know it's there. Apparently the chips don't show up in a full-body scanner at airports ... totally secret agent style, available to consumers everywhere.

Indeed, the pre-loaded injection kit raised 383% of its $8,000 goal during its launch on crowdfunding site Indiegogo last December. New uses are still being discovered too, including those that already impact Wismeijer's day-to-day life. For example, the entrepreneur plans to test out his NFC tags on a wireless door lock for his home and as an off-switch for his alarm clock.

@sarahmullen said in Ultimate storage - subdermal wallet?:

If you are a bit more discreet about your implant, nobody will ever know it's there.

Safety is also important for this type of wallet, for this reason it is necessary to be discreet and not to disclose its existence within one’s own body.

Of course, every intervention is actually risky, but as we all know when fashion calls, the human follows the trend. But imagine, if fashion switch from aesthetical surgical interventions to digital gold custody interventions, what will it happen? And, if from silicone injection, would we switch to the multi-functional technological chip injection?

To date, we don’t know how many people own the NFC chip injected into their body. We don’t know how many people have chosen the alternative subdermal wallet to keep safe their bitcoins and cryptocurrencies.

What we know is that technology is making giant strides in our beloved crypto sector, to protect every bitcoiner and, consequently, the entire decentralized Blockchain eco-system!

In some parts of the world, bitcoin is still a more efficient and cheaper way to transfer money across borders, and several remittance startups make use of this feature. Bitcoin's cost and speed advantages, though, are being eroded as traditional channels improve (and the network's fees continue to increase), and liquidity remains a problem in many countries.

I just had my new kitten chipped at the vet last week - maybe as well as my contact info, I should have included a crypto reward for if lost and found!?

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