PlusFo Super Public Blockchain is known as the new generation of dark horses in the currency circle. It is very famous. The goal of PlusFo is to become the representative of the next generation public blockchain after BTC, ETH and EOS. It has always supported the zero-cut mode. Users log in, sign in, share, play games, invite friends to get PUF, and no limit for invite friend. The obtained raw force value can be mined and contributed to the mining pool, and the platform token FOT can be obtained to exchange into four mainstream tokens. The biggest capital of PlusFo is that the founding team is an international team, with top financial experience and top-level R&D technology. It attracts a lot of people under such an excellent project, attracting many users, and the number of users exceeds one million in a short time!
But just after that, negative news began to appear. Some said that the platform was running, and that the platform was a scam. Here, editor just wants to ask, are you not making money? Everyone rushed to make money, and the number of users increased dramatically, and then the spam was drilled. Now PlusFo issued a notice saying that it is necessary to deal with the spam problem and start a strict review mechanism, which is also a kind of protection for the platform loyal users. I hope to provide a safer and healthier environment than what you are saying. Who is the real liar who will manage you like this?
Having said that, all projects will continue to increase while they are getting a lot of applications. But this is not bad news. There is controversy that everyone has hope for this project. There are also some bad users or peers who are slandered. This is a kind of awkward mentality, but it is these things that cause doubts for users who cannot think independently.
They rumored on the platform of the major websites, and reported the official customer service madly, causing panic among many users. After processing the spams, PlusFo is updating the platform, upgrade the APP, which may causing audit congestion, slowly withdraw or other issues, please be patient, the official must give a satisfactory answer. However, rumors, like snowballing, are getting bigger and bigger, and many users have lost their senses and said that they are “bloodless.”
What? “Bloodless?” It is understood that the platform token FOT of the PlusFo has been soaring since its release, and there is a price guarantee mechanism. Excuse me, those who are “bloodless”, are you a spam belonging to that gang?
Last but not the least, I still want to say, wait for this project to recover soon, do not ask to rush in!
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