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@afridylan Hi, I'm fairly new in the blockchain scene but I quickly got latched onto its potential in becoming one of our society's supporting pillars. For now, I'm working with a Real Estate Investment cryptocurrency called WestrendCoin, they're pretty solid and have a good vision in how things would work out moving forward.

Cool. Welcome again. The future of blockchain as a whole is cerainly bright. What is your role within WestrendCoin?

@afridylan Thsnk you and hello.

Welcome to the forum @fatlumelezaj

Great to see lots of new faces...

WELCOME @Felixgl @Muhammad-Raheel @stre1cher @tepaneroramil76 @M-aqif @arhemel5033 @md-fariad-ambia @youmed @fatlumelezaj @DevHYIP @sharafat-ali @jayniferson @som3a-assaf @robertwillson121 @Canny @Olharomanivna @rockyreebz @amitbdj1481 @okoh-precious @Endrojith @dreamingstar @gudtalent @bakito @trailblazer @Ahmed @nguyenthanhtam @killer123187 @tomlamp @Semakula-Abdulwahid @chanthasone @shuvo @MuhammadAwais @mittaltiger1 @CURIOUSITY @roger-angulo @sh_olesia @mohsen-azimi @Yaseen-Ge @wealthroots @karmacharya49 @lawre @makavelly @petolee70 @angelcapital @soethan @Butsainah-Al-Taqiyyah @Matcoms247 @Ansi-Si @davidsmith @ah78600 @highbekay @fawazshak @rajib1 @remzine @zakepaul @haizan @hendry999 @icoclone @mariagill @william-Villalobos 🙂

Anything you guys could use help with?


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