Subverting traditional Finance and Building Digital Banks


Have you ever imagined that you can travel around the world with a token?
Have you ever dreamed of traveling around the world with a digital wallet in your hand?

When the TarK digital wallet meets Jewish merchant Ajm, the syncopated sparks are enough to shake the entire token industry!

One is a digital wallet designed to create a settlement ecosystem without borders and intermediary, and the other is a high-quality token that is committed to global barrier-free of cross-border payment with blockchain technology. Both have strong advantages and have the same vision.

The king met, with powerful combination, TarK digital wallet and Jewish merchant Ajm worked hard together to open a new journey of subverting traditional financial construction of digital bank!

Perfect combination - TarK digital wallet entered into strategic cooperation with Jewish merchant Ajm

With the development of technology and economic globalization, people's demand for living standards has also risen. There are many weaknesses and disadvantages in the current traditional financial state, which can not meet the needs of social development at all. Although informatization has enabled people scattered around the world to shorten their distance and become an inseparable whole, the reality is still constrained by factors: travel abroad, still need foreign currency exchange; cross-border remittances, also need to pay high fees and a long period of waiting time... The barrier between traditional finance and real needs is urgently needed to be broken!

After more than ten years of development, the concept of blockchain has been no longer known by a small group of people in a small range. Its spread, like a single spark that can quickly start a prairie fire; it destroys and innovates the traditional financial structure, and has the power to smash rotten wood!

TarK digital wallet and Jewish merchant Ajm are the kings in the frontier of the blockchain field. Jewish merchant Ajm will become the mainstream token of TarK wallet, both of which are contributing to the development of Digital Bank. This cooperation is the need of social development and the need of traditional financial reform.

Digital Bank - Breaking down Traditional Financial Barriers, TarK and Jewish Merchant Ajm are bound to win

The changes that blockchain technology brings to social development are obvious to all. As the biggest future of the blockchain, the token economy is a direction that attracts many investors. The prospects of the token economy and the future development of the digital wallet are complementary to each other. The current global heat of the token economy is showing people's attitude towards it. Correspondingly, the future of digital wallets is also bright.

Tark Wallet is the world's first cross-chain wallet based on the fourth-generation blockchain internet technology that supports the payment, storage and transaction of all token assets.

TarK is the world's first dual-form cold wallet security protection model. It introduces the top technology innovation and multi-person collaborative management function in Silicon Valley, which greatly reduces the risk of safety factor of user-token asset. It integrates transactions, games and chat in one, to meet the needs of users to the maximum extent. The TarK system includes private key import function, mnemonic word backup function, multi-currency storage function, on-chain matchmaking function, secure transaction function, game hall function, online live broadcast function, on-chain query function and so on.

The Jewish merchant Ajm is a token asset created by Jewish saint JT based on the advanced blockchain 4.0 technology. It is the twin brother of Bitcoin. It is constantly upgraded on the basis of Bitcoin and has the power to change the world, known as the digital gold of the 21st century. Jewish merchant Ajm's vision is to seamlessly connect with billions of people around the world, to create a decentralized application ecosystem, and to realize the good wishes of changing the world.

From barter to banknote transactions to electronic cash to digital assets, technological innovation has been driving the development of the world's financial history. In the future, digital assets will become an important part of the payment ecosystem, and wallets and tokens will become the entrance to traffic and the most important part of ecosystem.

The combination of Tark wallet and Jewish merchant Ajm is catering to the needs of the times – a global digital bank that cover the world is about to emerge, and a cross-border settlement ecosystem that benefits the world is about to be built.

What coins can it keep?

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