The Nasdaq Big Screen is located in Times Square, New York. It is known as the "first screen in the world" and has always been the showcase of the world's top companies. On June 5th, 2019, local time, Global Gravitation Bitcoin landed on the Nasdaq's big screen, attracting the attention of the whole world.

This landing is not only a demonstration of GGBTC's strength and community influence. More importantly, it conveys GGBTC's belief in liberal market values, protecting users, and serving the free circulation of valuable Token in a neutral role.

After more than 150 days and nights of efforts, GGBTC officially released 2.0 beta and FM(Free Market) zone, completed two rounds of 50 million RMB financing and third-party security audit, achieved 10,000 matching transactions per second and peak concurrent of 10 million. All the achievements show that the platform has entered a rapid development stage.

GGBTC will forge ahead on a new journey.