As many are familiar with blockchain and the cryptocurrencies many people still don't understand the use cases of blockchain and other uses related. Blockchain is mainly used to record the transactions related to cryptocurrencies and is open for all which makes the blockchain more transparent, at the same time the data stored or the records in the blockchain are immutable and highly secured.

What is Document Verification Process
When an end user uploads a document, the technology then converts into hash codes using cryptographic methods. Blockchain and the technologies related to blockchain use highly secured cryptographic algorithms, the recorded data are encoded into cryptographic digest or hashes. For every document submitted, the document will get a unique hash value. Once the unique hash code is created and stored the end user can verify the document by hashing the document. Each time the documents are verified it will have the hash and the transactions markers match each time and if the documents are modified or altered the hash codes won’t match. It is because when the documents submitted are altered and the original copy of the documents is recorded in the blockchain network. The newly submitted document will create a new hash code which will then mismatches with the old document recorded. This how-to document verification is done using blockchain.

The main advantage is, user can allow or disallow the organization or individual from viewing the information recorded. As we already know, Blockchain is of mainly two networks. Public and Private where the information stored in a public can be visible to anyone wherein private only authorized person can view the document. In both cases, no-one can alter the data recorded in the blockchain. This is the main advantage of blockchain networks.

How Document Verification is done using Blocktick
Currently, there are many ways to verify and to cross-check the documents. There are many possible ways to where one can verify the existence of the document in the blockchain. Blocktick is quite simple and effective.

Blocktick provides:

  1. Provide Ownership
  2. Fully Interoperable
  3. Global Verification
  4. Digitized Process.
  5. Easily sharable
  6. Direct Communication

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