Hebe bought a washing machine from brown, worth $500. There are two payment options for her, one is through traditional bank transfer and the other is through cryptocurrencies in the TarK wallet.
Pay through a bank
If Hebe remit money to brown through the traditional banking system, then they need to have absolute trust in two intermediaries (that is, their respective bank of deposit), when Hebe submits transfers to banks, whether by wire transfer, online banking or app, Her bank of deposit will deduct $500 from her account balance and contact brown's bank of deposit to ask them to add $500 to brown's account.

This approach has some shortcomings and risks, and people must have full trust in the bank. The behavior of Hebe and Brown and the bank relies on one premise: the transaction is reasonable and the account book data is true. The trust of such third-party intermediaries is risky because criminals can tamper with data on the account books to“create” wealth out of thin air.

In addition, according to the way of remittance, Hebe's remittance to Brown may take only a few minutes, or it may take several days to transfer into the account. Brown was also unable to participate in the post-remittance process, so there was no way to know and monitor the entire process.

Most people have not experienced the economic crisis, so they do not think there will be big problems with banks and IOU. Only a few people worry that entrusting their savings to an opaque institution is tantamount to putting all their eggs in one basket. When the following happens, the individual's assets will suffer losses: bank error;financial issues:too much bank loans and business is in danger. Internal evils: embezzlement of assets by senior or individual users within a bank, theft, external evil: the bank was robbed or hacked.

How to solve this dilemma?

Pay through TarK wallet
The emergence of blockchain technology can alleviate the above possible losses. A blockchain is a distributed ledger that everyone can use, view and verify equally. It allows people who don't know each other to agree on a shared piece of information. We call this a decentralized consensus. This remarkable feature has evolved over the past decade.

The creation of the TarK wallet is based on the latest blockchain technology, the fourth generation of blockchain technology. This is a cross-chain wallet that supports storage, transfer, and payment of multi-currency. The biggest difference with traditional centralized banks is that TarK is a decentralized wallet.

In terms of security, the TarK wallet does not directly manage user assets, but manages tools such as private key and mnemonic words, which are in charge of the user. In addition, TarK wallets have the following advantages:

  1. Support all market circulation tokens including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Jewish merchant Ajm, etc.;

  2. Global payments are accessible, do not take into account international exchange rates, do not need to exchange foreign currencies;

  3. The handling fee is low, based on the blockchain 4.0 technology, with high efficiency of cross-border settlement and payment, and realize real - time transfers;

  4. Open third-party applications, live broadcast, video, shopping, games and other functions gathered together;

  5. The world's first mode of dual-form cold wallet security protection, it introduced the top technological innovation of Silicon Valley in the United States to develop multi-person collaborative management function, and had a high asset safety factor;

If Hebe initiates a transfer to Brown through the TarK wallet, it is only necessary to update a ledger. The steps are simple and can be completed in seconds or minutes (the confirmation time of the transaction). Without third-party risk, Hebe and Brown put their own funds in a system that uses cryptography as a safeguard and does not need to be maintained by others, rather than a third party that needs to be trusted.

Unlike traditional banks, the token book will never record your real name in the account, such as "Hebe" and "Brown".
Of course, whether it is blockchain technology or the token economy, they are still in the process of exploration and development. With the further development of technology, TarK wallet may bring us a bigger surprises.