Back in December/January, when Bitcoin Cash was added to Coinbase, there were rumors about which cryptocurrencies were next in line to join Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin on the US-based, high-fee exchange.

At the time, Coinbase was probably the easiest way for new investors in the U.S. to get involved and buy their first crypto with fiat money (or a credit card).

Coinbase may still be the most straightforward way for U.S. newbies to enter the wild world of crypto investing, but competitors (like Robinhood) are also starting to enter the space and forcing Coinbase to adapt for survival.

One of these adaptions could be the addition of new currencies to their exchange. It seems that every coin in the Top 10 has at one point been uttered in the same sentence as Coinbase, but it's still a shot in the dark as to which token(s) will be the next to join this exclusive exchange.

Being listed on Coinbase could provide a solid pump to any coin, so correctly identifying the next in line and timing your entrance could yield nice returns.

Which project(s) do you think will next appear on Coinbase?