Recently, the 9th SMART TECH KOREA was held in south KOREA, and GGBTC was the the only trading platform in China invited to attend the event.

With the theme of “intelligent science and technology, intelligent life”, the exhibition gathered hundreds of exhibitors from more than 150 countries, showcasing new technologies and products in the fields of education, transportation, urban construction, furniture design and other fields, providing a platform for exchanges and cooperation for various intelligent industries around the world.
Through this exhibition, GGBTC popularized the blockchain knowledge to the top enterprises in all fields of the world, showed the advanced achievements of the block chain industry, and provided the possibility of digital asset trading in all fields.

GGBTC is a globally integrated trading platform that provides diversified system functions such as currency trading, futures contract trading, margin trading and over-the-counter trading to meet the trading needs of various investors. GGBTC has obtained investment from a number of institutions including American GONE Fund, LD Capital, Hunter Capital, Bitrise Capital, Consensus Lab, Hui&Brothers Capital and ZY Capital and so on.
Faced with uneven level of global blockchain projects and endless exchanges on the market, GGBTC focused on the TOP10 financial services in the traditional financial field and developing rich financial product matrix , so as to achieve sustainable development of the platform itself while meeting diversified needs of investors.
In the future, through rigorous screening criteria for digital assets, GGBTC will provide high-quality digital financial market environment for global users to meet the needs of blockchain industry exchanges and cooperation in various fields around the world and promote the development of global digital assets, creating more new business models and products, so as to promote the normalized development of digital asset investment value services in blockchain.
GGBTC looks forward to in-depth exchanges with all walks of life and wishes the exhibition a complete success.