McAfee documentary on Netflix

Jesus, have you seen it?

The man is clearly a rapist, murderer, liar and drug dealer... How the hell is he still such a big shizz in the Crypto world?

Definitely recommended viewing, FWIW, it's a good documentary, and you can't look away - much like driving slowly past an RTA

Thanks @Costatrader. I was planning to see it. you just make me more hungry

Oh! Sound like a great watch! Will try to watch

The journo did a great job stalking him down and really digging into the history. It's pretty long as a result, but tells a good story. Some people are just amazing at self-reinvention if nothing else

Will have to watch this. Love him or hate him, McAfee definitely seems like an interesting personality.

@costatrader I just went to check now but found several Mcaffee doccies on Youtube. Would have really helped if you put up an accompanying link. Did you find the content objectionable or was it Mcaffee's personality that repulsed you the most? Just being curious here, but I would love to know what you think.

I am personally fascinated by the man. He is what a lot of people aspire to become but are quickly cut to size at the first iteration of shiftiness; in other words, he is an accomplished shifty personality. 😁 😁 😁

I've seen it too, it was this one

The doc was great in terms of storytelling and advocacy journalism, she really went into the story and found a lot of people to talk to, that he would probably rather hadn't done so. But it painted a picture of a dangerously unstable person - maybe because of his early financial success and then moving to a small island where money = a great deal of power and influence, went to his head and he thought he could literally get away with anything.

Definitely compelling viewing!

Here's the trailer on youtube

It starts with his arrest for suspected murder and then goes back to how that point was reached... And how he somehow evaded the consequences nevertheless. Intelligent and charismatic for sure, but definitely somewhat insane

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