As the first digital currency exchange to introduce the game industry into the platform coin economy, GGBTC has created a new deflationary model for its own platform coin GGC, which is differentiated and innovative in the industry.

**GGBTC trading platform general point GGC (GGBTC Coin) was officially launched in July.

GGC is the token issued by GGBTC and is the representative of the exchange's own rights and interests. The initial circulation of GGC is 1 billion. According to the new economic model, GGC is gradually released and destroyed. While continuously expanding the GGC circulation ecology and enriching the GGC's rights and interests, we will give full play to the lock-up effect and create a new economic model that is extremely deflated.

GGBTC will open the GGC/USDT trading pair at 16:00 on July 26 (GMT+8). The details will be subject to the official website announcement.

Stay tuned.**

The new economic model of extreme deflation

GGC is an application Token. It can effectively control the circulation and ensure the steady growth of value investors' income by accessing game platforms, super node, and buying back and destroying the token.

GGBTC introduced the game industry to design the circulation mechanism of GGC, so that it has a natural landing scene and has competitiveness in terms of liquidity and lock-up effect.

  1. When accessing the game platform, GGC is one of the value certificates of the game platform while representing the equity of the exchange.

  2. All users' income from the game platform shall be directly entered into users' exchange account.

  3. GGC is the compensation certificate for the loss of "Game Interests", and the game platform is open to lending services.

  4. Users' rights and interests lost on the game platform can be returned in two ways:

  1. Upon the end of the game, user can initiate the redemption request to the merchant node, and within 48 hours, user can get 70% of the "Lost Interests";

2)Users will receive 80% to 100% refund according to certain rules. The locked GGC is an important way to obtain "Lost Interests".

GGC access to the game platform is essentially: traffic acquisition, consumption, lock-up.

Traffic acquisition
On the one hand, it will undoubtedly bring huge liquidity to GGC by accessing the most profitable market in the world. On the other hand, faced with a huge amount of capital flow demand, based on the financial and payment properties of Token Economy, the combination of GGC and the game market is conducive to opening up the incremental market and flourishing the whole digital currency industry.

GGC will be used for the main currency and trading fee deduction on the game platform, that is to say, the whole game platform users, daily UV, capital flow will be converted to the liquidity and depth of GGC. As more and more game platform access, GGC’s demand and consumption will increase, which will improve GGC’s value.

GGC plays an important role in the compensation and refund rules for the loss of "Game Interests", which is mainly manifested as multiple additional rights and interests brought to users through locking up.

It should be noted that almost all users have the demand for the refund of the lost part of "Game Interests", and if they cannot sign in every day for 180 days in the process of the refund of rights, the refund must be achieved through locking GGC, thus contributing to the reduction of the overall circulation of GGC.

The game platform provides GGC with a large number of users -- the users' demand for GGC continues to increase -- the circulation of GGC is reduced due to the lock-up -- the extreme deflation is formed according to the market supply and demand relationship, which makes the short-term pull up and sustainable rise of GGC.

In addition,the super node campaign of the platform can further reduce the circulation of GGC.

  1. Users can start the super node, and allow other users to participate in the event.

  2. After the node is opened, the user can send GGC to the node address. The election period of
    the node is one week, and the list of Top 10 is announced at 23:30 on Sunday night.

3.After the successful election of the node, the user of the first node will receive 20% of the profit of the game platform next week as the reward, the second node is 10%, the third node is 5%, and the fourth to sixth are divided into 10%, the seventh to the tenth are divided into 5%. Meanwhile GGC for 1st to 3rd place is not refundable, 70% for 4th to 6th place and 85% for 7th to 10th place. After the tenth place, 95% will be refunded, and the refund will be issued to the account after 7 days.

In addition, the platform will take out 20% of the quarterly profit to buy back GGC on a regular basis and destroy it in accordance with a certain proportion. The destruction records will be released at the first time. Users can check through the blockchain browser. The GGC will be repurchased and destroyed to a total of 50% (500 million) according to the market circulation

Here, it is worth mentioning that, the 20% profit includes the profit of the entire GGC ecosystem and the game platform, not only the transaction fee. In other words, the 20% profit is of high value. Repurchasing the GGC in the secondary market and destroying it actually transfers the value of the platform coin to the remaining platform coin. Because destruction means that the number of platform coin is reduced and scarcity is increased, the value of GGC will become more precious.

Strong capital support
As of may, GGBTC has been jointly invested by American GONE Foundation, LD Capital, Hunter Capital, Bitrise Capital, Consensus Lab, Hui&Brothers Capital, ZY Capital, Landscape Capital, Insight Capital, Distributed Foundation, AlphaCoin Fund, The Force Partners and Tachyon Capital, with the total amount of financing exceeding 50 million RMB.

Rich usage scenarios
Now, users who hold the GGC and participate in the transaction on GGBTC will receive a discount to deduct the transaction fee, regardless of the token they trade.
At the same time, as mentioned above in the new economic model, GGC can participate in the game platform, super node, free vote on tokens, multi-level promotion reward, and the platform resonance pool and so on.

In the future, GGC's usage scenarios will continue to increase, including but not limited to: launching the blockchain asset distribution platform Launchpad, and GGC raising funds as margin instead of Ethereum; launching investment and financing products such as currency deposit, currency loan. GGC will create more new business models and new products to meet the diversified needs of investors, activate the intrinsic value of GGC, and create an extremely deflationary platform coin ecology.

Brand influence
With the launch of GGBTC2.0 and the simultaneous launch of FM (Free Market) Zone, the GGC community is also developing steadily. Weibo + WeChat group +14 enterprise accounts on domestic leading financial media platform , with more than 100,000 users. Twitter + Facebook + Telegram (English and Chinese) + YouTube+ Medium+ Reddit+ Steemit+6 overseas professional websites with more than 300,000 users.

Meanwhile, GGBTC has reached an in-depth strategic partnership with Landscape Capital to jointly launch GGBTC community building plan. Landscape Capital is a blockchain investment institution focusing on the whole industry investment incubation of blockchain, and its self-run Landscape Community has a flow of up to 100,000.

GGBTC focuses on the in-depth construction of the community and expands the scope of the exchange's influence through active online and offline activities.

At present, the team has just completed the offline road show in South Korea, which not only improves the brand awareness of GGC in the south Korean market, but also attracts many project partners and investors.

In addition, GGBTC's Gravitation Institute has quickly opened up the platform's industry reputation through the “Super Class” created by GGBTC and the the famous financial media Deepchain.

Cost-effective promotional activities
GGBTC's cost-effective promotional activities are more like "time-limited promotions”, dedicated to user operation and traffic operation.

GGBTC team believes that the essence of current exchange user operation is to "benefit users", and based on this, it has built an encrypted asset promotion platform. Through exclusive airdrops, customized discounts, time-limited promotions, GGBTC users can purchase at half price or even 20% discount or 30% discount, which is a great innovation in the industry.

Relying on the exchange strategy of promotion, GGBTC grabbed almost every hot project in May and June, including GXC, INE, FIST, VGO, FOR and other well-known project and new potential projects. One of the hot projects brought GGBTC over 20,000 new users and the price of their token has gained a huge increase.

Recently, GGC will bring you massive activities irregularly. Stay tuned.

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