GGC resonance time: expected July 20th

The first 10 levels of the resonance pool are the Genesis level, the initial ratio is 1ETH: 9000GGC, and each level is decremented by 500.

The 11th to the 100th are the Torch level, and each level is decremented by 50.

The activity rules

  1. To participate in resonance, you need to spend 10USDT to get event qualification.

  2. 85% of the GGC obtained by resonance will be used for lock-up, and 5% will be unlocked every week

  3. GGC can be used to deduct trading fees on GGBTC and the ratio is 1GGC: 0.5USDT.

The activity rewards
When a user recommends that other users successfully participate in the GGC resonance, the user will receive 5% resonance GGC of the first-level and 2% resonance GGC of the second-level and the given GGC is unlocked.

Trading Opening Time
The GGC/USDT trading pair is opened within one week after resonance.

The PC and mobile APP beta will be officially launched on July 13.

Since news broke that GGBTC started the resonance game, it has attracted the attention of countless people around the world. The launch of GGC resonance is a powerful evidence of real value. GGBTC users are welcome to participate in resonance.

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