While the big digital currency exchanges already have most of the resources, emerging ones with good ideas and timing have a chance to win.

GGBTC platform coin GGC (GGBTC Coin) was officially launched in July. GGBTC will open the GGC/USDT trading pair at 16:00 on July 26 (GMT+8). The details will be subject to the official website announcement.

In general, GGC has the following four characteristics:

  1. The total amount of GGC issued is 1 billion, and later platform will repurchase and destroy 500 million GGC according to market circulation;

  2. GGC has a wider use scene because of the connection to GGBTC’s rich digital financial product matrix and game platform;

  3. In addition to the normal income of the exchange, the model based on the “Cost-effective promotional activities + Game Platform Circulation (lock-up) + Encrypted Asset Derivatives” adopted by GGBTC will bring the holders’ gains while also bringing more than 50% extra annualized income to the platform, and the platform’s profitability is bound to reflect the price curve of the GGC;

  4. According to the platform planning, GGC release process is very strict and slow. In addition, multi-dimensional locking mechanism is adopted to effectively control the market circulation.

Value investors are concerned about whether GGC will be consistently bullish?

From the current market fever and the number of real users accumulated, GGBTC has clearly solved the cold boot of the exchange. The next milestone is the inflation of GGC.

As a platform coin, the key to the GGC economic model is to make the growth rate of trading volume exceed the inflation rate, and then it is possible to enter the upward spiral of prices.

In this respect, GGBTC is different from other new exchanges in this differentiated competitiveness. After doing a lot of research and testing, a comprehensive inflation control mechanism was designed for GGC.

First of all, from the supply side, the total amount of GGC issued is 1 billion and it will not increase its supply and an effective risk control mechanism is established. The release process of GGC is strict and very slow, and the market circulation can be controlled.

In addition, the platform will take out 20% of the quarterly profit to buy back GGC on a regular basis and destroy it in accordance with a certain proportion. The destruction records will be released at the first time. Users can check through the blockchain browser.

Here, it is worth mentioning that, the 20% profit includes the profit of the entire GGC ecosystem and the game platform, not only the transaction fee. In other words, the 20% profit is of high value. Repurchasing the GGC in the secondary market and destroying it actually transfers the value of the platform coin to the remaining platform coin. Because destruction means that the number of platform coin is reduced and scarcity is increased, the value of GGC will become more precious.

Secondly, from the demand side, the development of payment value and usage scenarios determines the high frequency use of GGC.

Compared with the general platform coins, GGC has a richer usage scene and has natural circulation, such as trading fee deduction, including but not limited to: discounts on trading fees, token listing fees, leveraged loan fees, OTC trading fees, currency loan fees, withdrawal fees, etc.; GGC holders also have a range of rights to participate in the GGBTC FM (Free Market) voting, community governance.

Based on such a rich circulation scene, the price of GGC will be more stable, and the application in the future will be more extensive.

In addition to the high frequency of use, GGC also has the characteristics of scarcity on the demand side, which is determined by the profit ecology of GGBTC.

As we all know, platform coins are the product of transactions, so the strength and profitability of the platform itself is very important.
Profitability, from another perspective, is the ability of the platform to meet the rich investment needs of global investors.

After all, abundant business means that there are many users and ways to play on the platform. In addition, due to deflation, there is a natural scarcity of platform certificates, which brings about a sustainable increase in value.

We all know that the traditional financial field has strong profitability, and GGBTC has also developed a rich matrix of crypto asset products after it has been launched.

In addition to the basic token trading, OTC trading, GGBTC has some other functions, as follows :

The cost-effective promotional activities reduces the cost of the user holding the token and attracts a large number of users to enter the market, thus improving the liquidity of the GGC and rapidly forming a positive cycle;

Through connection to the game platform, GGC has achieved ecologicalization and a set of system that can truly connect users, which has changed the ecological structure of traditional platform coins to some extent;

GGBTC provides crypto asset financial matrix including digital currency balances, institutional accounts, quantitative clouds, futures contracts, multiple leverage, data services, digital asset lending, digital asset management, etc. to meet the diversified needs of investors and to achieve GGC’s own sustainable development.

Undoubtedly, the above encrypted asset financial matrix will bring huge profits to the platform, and all this will reflect the price stability of GGC.

Announcement on the launch of GGC Resonance Trading
GGC resonance time: expected July 20th

The first 10 levels of the resonance pool are the Genesis level, the initial ratio is 1ETH: 9000GGC, and each level is decremented by 500.

The 11th to the 100th are the Torch level, and each level is decremented by 50.

The activity rules

  1. To participate in resonance, you need to spend 10USDT to get event qualification.

  2. 85% of the GGC obtained by resonance will be used for lock-up, and 5% will be unlocked every week

  3. GGC can be used to deduct trading fees on GGBTC and the ratio is 1GGC: 0.5USDT.

The activity rewards

When a user recommends that other users successfully participate in the GGC resonance, the user will receive 5% resonance GGC of the first-level and 2% resonance GGC of the second-level and the given GGC is unlocked.

Trading Opening Time

The GGC/USDT trading pair is opened within one week after resonance.

The PC and mobile APP beta will be officially launched on July 13.

Since news broke that GGBTC started the resonance game, it has attracted the attention of countless people around the world. The launch of GGC resonance is a powerful evidence of real value. GGBTC users are welcome to participate in resonance.