GGBTC, known in the industry as the outstanding exchange, caused a sensation at the beginning of its launch, and senior people have said: if GGBTC is an excellent student, the exchanges appearing in the market during the same period can only be called the clown.
In July, general points GGC went online, with an initial circulation of 1 billion. Meanwhile, it was gradually destroyed according to the new economic model, so as to give full play to the locking effect while guaranteeing the rights and interests of users, so as to complete the establishment of a new economic model with extreme deflation.
In order to complete the establishment of this model, GGBTC is fully equipped in terms of conditions.
Strong capital background
By may, GGBTC has been jointly invested by American GONE Fund, LD Capital, Hunter Capital, Bitrise Capital, Consensus Lab, Hui&Brothers Capital, ZY Capital, Landscape Capital, Insight Capital, Distributed Foundation, AlphaCoin Fund, The Force Partners and Tachyon Capital, with the total amount of financing exceeding 50 million RMB.
GGBTC has strong financing amount and scale to attract traffic and develop technology with sufficient confidence.
Rich application scenarios
GGBTC users who conduct any transaction in GGBTC, regardless of what kind of token they use, as long as they hold GGC, can deduct the corresponding trading fees according to their needs.
In addition, for the game platform, super node, free token listing voting activity and other kinds of play on GGBTC, can get multi-level promotion rewards, as well as the follow-up platform resonance pool and so on.

In the future, it will continue to develop more diversified ways of playing and application, and create more new business models, new processes and new products, so as to not only meet the diversified needs of investors, but also give full play to the intrinsic value of GGC, and ultimately develop it into an extremely deflationary ecology of platform coin.
Confident enough in media and propaganda
At present, GGBTC’s has enough prestige in the industry. On this basis, GGC’s publicity ability will be strengthened.
GGC community has reached 100,000 users, and there are 6 overseas professional websites, including Twitter, Facebook, Telegram (English and Chinese), YouTube, Medium, etc., with more than 300,000 users.
In terms of cooperation, GGBTC reached an in-depth strategic partnership with Landscape Capital and started the joint construction plan of GGBTC exchange community. Landscape Capital’s self-run Landscape community traffic reached 100,000.
A few days ago, GGBTC participated in the 9th SMART TECH KOREA, which more widely promoted GGC’s economic model of extreme deflation, improved GGC’s brand awareness in the Korean market, and attracted many project parties and investors worldwide.
In addition, GGBTC’s Gravitation Institute has quickly opened up the platform’s industry reputation through the “Super Class” created by GGBTC and the the famous financial media Deepchain.
What is the top player? GGBTC can correctly understand the ultimate function of an exchange, realize that the object to be served is still the user, and at the same time ensure to follow the user needs and trend of the times and constantly launch the practical applications. In the future, GGBTC is destined to become the exchange’s top player.