Major altcoins have gained price today including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. Take a look at the following picture presenting today's (4th May 2018) top 10 altcoins.


Bitcoin: With a market cap of $ 166,143,973,972, Bitcoin gained as much as $516 (5.62%) from yesterday ($9217). Currently, Bitcoin is priced $9,700. Bitcoin dominances 36% of global Cryptocurrency markets according to CoinMarketCap.

Ethereum: Currently selling at $793 per ether. In last 24 hour, Ethereum value increased by 11.19%($79) than yesterday. Ether market holds 15% of total cryptocurrency circling in the world.

Top Stories:
Ethiopian Government To Implant Blockchain Technology In Agriculture:
Ethiopian Government has signed a deal with start-up Blockchain company Cardano to implant Blockchain technology with the country's Agritech.

CEO and founder of Cardano Charles Hoskinson confirmed the move in a tweet. Hoskinson stated that the agreement with the Ethiopian Ministry of Science and Technology includes training local developers to use blockchain technology.

KodakCoin Faces Fraud Activity From Its ICO Hosting Service:

A representative for the company behind the long-in-the-making KODAKCoin initial coin offering (ICO) has accused a Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange of "fraudulent" behavior by claiming that it will host the token sale.
MasterCard Reports To Get Fewer Purchase Of Cryptocurrency By Its Card
Mastercard’s quarterly growth was marked by a slight drop due to a decrease in the number of customers purchasing cryptocurrencies with the company’s credit cards, CNBC reported May 3.

Consumers can use Mastercard to acquire digital currencies, a practice forbidden by some financial institutions. Earlier this year, Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, and Citigroup prohibited such purchases, referring to potential credit risks and cryptocurrency volatility.
Arizona's Fight To Eliminate Tax From Cryptocurrency Continues:
Arizona's cryptocurrency tax payments bill was passed by the state's House of Representatives, but with a caveat: it is now almost completely different.

Public records show that the Arizona House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 1091 on April 30 by a 43-14 vote. That comfortable passage aside, the measure is now starkly different from the one originally submitted - and later passed - in the Arizona Senate.


Hashrate VS Mining Revenue:
One year Cryptocurrency mining revenue chart
One year Cryptocurrency mining hashrate chart


  • Last month, a total $431 billion worth of Cryptocurrency was circled in the world.
  • EOS gained more than 190% of its value in April.
  • A survey by research firm Gartner, shows that 77 percent of CIOs from companies are not interested in deploying blockchain within their organization.