I am doing some research at the moment, about accepting cryptocurrencies for business services.

Even though BlockSparks is constituted in the super tech-enabled and open-minded jurisdiction of Estonia, it isn't easy to accept payments in crypto! I am talking about payment for creative service via invoice, rather than a sales cart for digital goods.

Does anyone have experience of this, and which payment gateways have you found which play nicely with business banks?

Part of the problem is I have to be so careful to make sure we do NOT get classified as a financial business, providing financial services of any kind. We're a marketing agency, our clients are crypto startups and exchanges etc... We're just a supplier to them. But some banks get one whiff of crypto and they panic, and as soon as they see our branding and positioning they assume we're trading. Then when I say, oh this client now wants to pay us in ETH... Well, you can imagine.

Has anyone found a good way around this, which satisfies all the bean counters of the old school financial world? 🙂