Dear GGBTC users,
Recently, GGBTC found that there is a fake company in the market posing as GGBTC, named “GGBTC Limited”. The legal representative of the company is named Zhang X and their company name, general logo, packaging image and business scope fully copy from GGBTC mode. In this regard, GGBTC condemns this behavior, and takes legal measures at the first time to effectively protect the rights and interests of GGBTC and our users. After the false company is reported, it has been sealed up, and the property losses caused will be recovered one after another.

GGBTC made a solemn statement again: GGBTC is the only one in the world and the full name of the company is Global Gravitation Bitcoin. WeChat Official Account is named “引力哥情报局” and WeChat ID is : Shuzizhentanshe. Please conduct transactions after verification to avoid being confused or cheated by malicious activities.

Thanks for your support.