Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Trade without limits
We add value to your business by making you achieve your goals with our legitimate & secure Bitcoin exchange development services. Our developers keenly design the exchange platform and make the product experience hassle-free.

Harness the power of high-performance Finex™ service for trading assets as a perfect solution for liquidity
Demand responsive and scalable to over 1 million TPS
Employ real-time Order Matching System

Operate any currencies
We provide you with a scalable & customized White label cryptocurrency exchange, formulated by a powerful trading engine, multi-level security, high TPS, and liquidity, so you provide your customers with a dynamic trading portal.

Support multiple digital and fiat currencies, as well as ERC20 tokens, with ability to add new ones on the fly
Secure assets with FinTech industry-grade standards out of the box
Uplink any payment gateways and additional services through convenient API endpoints
Manage your clients
Decentralization has two main factors - Privacy & Security. Our idea of combining together decentralization and experience resulted in the development of a trustworthy exchange platform with one-hundred percent security & privacy.

Collect and analyze basic identity information according to standard banking and AML regulations
Perform risk assessment and monitoring of user activities against unexpected behaviour and fraudulent activity
Make use of stock Barong™ user account and KYC engine or plug any other of your choice via API

Control your business
Oversee your business operations from the top of Control Tower™ . Customize every aspect of your service platform with ease .Grant pinpoint access levels to your managing personnel to supervise everyday activities
Infrastructure as Code
Plan, create and maintain Infrastructure as Code Install any resources in Kubernetes easily Implement Concourse as a micro-service build server

Exchange as a Service
Manage Wallets, Order Book, Authentication and KYC services with Peatio™ and Barong™ components Integrate any payment gateways and business-specific logic with AppLogic component

Bitcoin Exchange Script

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development refers to the development of your own crypto exchange platform which requires cryptocurrency exchange website script. There are many top most company which provides cryptocurrency exchange development services. Bitdeal - The top most cryptocurrency exchange development company offers the best cryptocurrency exchange development services. Their cryptocurrency exchange services involves the following :

  1. Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Development
  2. Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Script
  3. Cryptocurency Development
  4. Cryptocurrency Wallet Development
  5. Blockchain Development and lot more.
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