According to the "Global Cryptographic Benchmark Research" published by the University of Cambridge, the total number of digital wallets (accounts) in 2016 was 8.2 million, reaching 35 million at the end of 2018, an increase of more than three times, with a very rapid growth rate. As an indispensable part of the blockchain industry, wallet has also accelerated in parallel with the development and expansion of the blockchain industry. More and more project parties have joined the field of digital asset wallet. Compared with the world's 6 billion people and 4 billion Internet users, the proportion of digital asset wallet users is still very small, and the market potential in the future is very huge.

Among the many blockchain practioners, TarK Wallet is a platform based on the fourth-generation blockchain technology, which provides a bridge between the token assets and real-world applications, aiming to build a global digital bank to solve the problems of inconvenient for users to manage a variety of digital assets, complicated exchange and transaction process, poor value transmission, insufficient blockchain performance and insufficient application scenarios.

TarK has a unique cross-chain technology and combines its own high-performance public blockchain to provide a strong infrastructure to promote the application and development of token assets.

  1. Provide users with better products and services based on user needs as a guide to development

Despite the rapid development of the token market in recent years, there are still many problems in reality. Digital wallet technology cannot effectively meet the user's need for wallet key storage and management. There is a need for a more professional security technical team to participate in the construction of digital wallets in order to better provide services for users and achieve a balance between security and convenience.

Tark wallets bring together the world's top technology talents, and technology is far ahead. Tark's technical team built Tark's Silicon Valley Lab, which brings together the best Internet technology talents from Silicon Valley and Cambridge. It is responsible for Tark's technology development, maintenance and iteration. It plans to set up R&D institutions in Australia and Italy to bring together scientific research talents from Europe, America and Australia, eventually made Tark Labs the output center of the top technology of the blockchain.

Based on the fourth-generation blockchain technology, TarK Wallet makes it easier for users to manage their digital assets, hot and cold separation storage, and lightning trading systems. The TarK team values the product experience and provides users with a safe and convenient wallet. In the future, the company will focus on creating the ecological business environment of the TarK wallet, establishing a global digital bank, and forming an ecosystem of digital asset management, wealth management services, deep transactions and payment. To introduce the experience and channels of mature financial markets to the industry, to meet the needs and trends of the digital wallet market, and to meet the challenges and opportunities in the era of digital asset economy.
2. Multi-functional application is integrated into one to create a one-stop service platform of blockchain

TarK Wallet is a multi-currency wallet that manages all the world's premium currencies, supports all ERC20-TOKEN, cross-chain support for all types of tokens that are circulating worldwide such as BTC, LTC, ETH, EOS, ETC, XEM, BTG, etc. achieve one-stop management of these currencies, to simply and conveniently complete the transaction and exchange of digital assets, moreover, it can bind digital assets with real assets, seamlessly connect digital assets and the physical world, and let tark users' digital currency be applied to various transaction consumption scenarios to really activate their digital assets.

Tark supports more than 20 languages in English, Korean, Thai, Russian, French, German, etc., and clears language barriers for creating world-class wallet applications. Based on the global standards, in accordance with the existing laws and policies of various countries, TarK will dock payment institutions and card issuers to provide more users with compliant and safe products and services.

3, the value returns to the user, TarK leads the security specialization of digital asset transaction

In terms of securing users' digital assets, Tark Wallet created the world's first dual-form cold wallet security protection model. It introduced the top technology innovation and multi-person collaborative management function of Silicon Valley in the United States, which greatly reduces the safety factor of the risk of the user's token asset and escorts the user's token assets!

In addition,When the wallet is idle, the network will automatically open the never-on-network mode. It builds transactions and signatures at the cold end, and broadcasts transactions at the hot end, creating a strong protection shield for the token assets, completely eradicating the network hacking and resisting the asset risks caused by various reasons.

Seed + payment double tokenword to take security to the next level! Compared with the traditional token asset wallet, Tark wallet strictly controlled the payment and withdrawal operation, and the two tokenword security management mechanisms of seed tokenword + payment tokenword prevent theft of assets and fraudulent use, cryptographic storage, never touch the network, secure verification and delete after you use.

The world’s development is accelerating, the first decade of the blockchain, bid farewell to existing cash banknotes, people have seen the important value of digital assets and decentralized applications, the dominance of traditional business models and banking models has been shaken. In the next decade, TarK hopes that more people will join the digital world and apply the new technology of blockchain to better integrate digital wallet ecological resources and bring contributions to social welfare.
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