Anti CryptoCurrency VS Pro CryptoCurrency

We all know about those words like "Rise after a fall, War before peace" etc. These are the phrases are the ones who are turning inside every crypto user worldwide. But the situation is a bit different here. Here, the rising and the falling are happening simultaneously.

After being banned by Facebook months ago, Twitter had banned advertisement for initial coin offerings and token sales on its service this is for the sake of "BTC have been related to deception and fraud". And then by June Alphabet Inc.’s Google might do the same too.
Meanwhile in Chile, banks are closing accounts related to cryptocurrency. Companies affected by the closing of accounts were stating that banks are refusing to provide their services that is related to digital assets because of misinformation, fear and this and that.

Still, behind these hits from the Anti-crypto platforms, company or country. There have been also good things that happens to Bitcoin.
First, rather feared of twitter banning Bitcoin advertisement, investors outweighed the bad impact by a good and positive response resulting to a constant rise ever since.

Second, this past few weeks some countries ban bitcoin one after the other, while some countries are gradually accepting digital currency. Bangladesh, Bolivia, Korea, China, India, Ecuador and some western countries have banned bitcoin. On the other hand UK, USA, Philippines, Africa and even Russia have start their move on accepting Bitcoin. I heard even KFC are looking forward to accept some crypto currencies as payment.

For years, anti and pro bitcoin have been emerging one by one. Who knows which side will win in the end? I think Crypto is the future. Let me know your opinion on this matter.

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