BTFS and GitHub
Justin Sun, founder of Tron and current CEO of BitTorrent in his response to Muneeb, CEO & Co-founder of Blockstack PBC, expresses his interest to introduce BTFS as a decentralized storage plan.

This comes with Muneeb’s random tweet that states “Git is restricted few regions” and what if we have a decentralized login, storage and social graph on top of Git protocol which is already decentralized.

By quoting Muneeb’s view, Sun says that he’s “super interested in supporting this idea by featuring BTFS.”
As per the reports, Github users from Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Syria cannot access private GitHub repositories. Besides users raising their concerns, GitHub’s prominent client Blockstack CEO Muneeb Ali quietly suggested a way to get rid of this restriction.

“After GitHub’s ban on developers in certain countries, a decentralized alternative is inevitable. Git protocol is already decentralized. All we need is decentralized login, storage, and social graph on top.”
Owned by Microsoft, GitHub is a software development platform, and the closed-door for few regions from accessing the private repository of GitHub is a result of political interference by the United States.

While US authorities are striving hard with their sanctions against Iran, the crypto community is striving their best to find an alternative. Meantime, Sun’s attempt to helping leaders behind these plans is just a new hope.

Moreover, on July 29, 2019, Justin Sun shares the success of Tron daily transaction for the last week. According to the data from, Tron transactions saw a peak high of million on July 22, reaching 5,280789 for the past year. In his tweet, he says;
BTFS v/s GitHub
As per the sources, the huge user-base of for BitTorrent emerges from crypto-friendly countries which assume that it will influence the price of BTT. While BTT is quietly posing a threat to Github, few users can now access to Github again.

Meaning that Github might feel the pressure of BTT coming in and as such a developer from Russia reported that he can now work again on Github. He said Github showed him the message that “it had silently reverted some of the restrictions after some time.” In his words;

“It seems GitHub has silently reverted some of the restrictions after some time. GitHub Pages didn’t work initially, but then it seems GitHub reverted this restriction. Later someone from GitHub staff asked to trigger a rebuild and it started to work after that. So right now it seems everything except private repos works.”

Concerning the prices of cryptocurrencies, Tron counts as the 12th largest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap whereas his other project, BitTorrent (BTT) sits on 44th spot.
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