GGBTC announced that, as one of the world's top 5 exchanges supporting TRON ecological trading market, it has fully opened TRX trading market and opened TRX/USDT, WINK/ USDT, BTT/ USDT trading pairs.

Through the advantages of GGC, GGBTC will perfectly support the free circulation of all TRC tokens in Tron Protocol, maximize the synergies of GGC as the world's first platform coin based on Tron and the only trx20 token marked V on TronLink.

Thanks for the recognition of GGBTC from TRON and its ecological quality projects. In the future, GGBTC will list more encrypted digital assets based on Tron public chain and ecology, and become one of the most important builders of Tron ecology, creating a new future of GGC and Tron in terms of value, technology, community, market, charity and consensus.