It is said that many years ago, a father and his son were placed in concentration camps. At that time, all the Jewish possessions were confiscated by the Nazis. The father said to his son: "Now our only wealth is wisdom. Remember, when others say that one plus one equals two, you should think of ways to make it bigger than two."

Millions of Jews died in concentration camps, and the father and son survived with willpower. Later, they came to the United States, started from scratch, and started a bronze business in Houston. One day, the father asked his son what the price of a pound of copper was? The son answered: it is 35 cents. The father said: "Yes, the entire state of Texas knows that the price of copper is 35 cents a pound, but as the son of the Jews, it should be $3.5. You try to make a pound of copper into a doorknob. "

Many years later, and after his father died, his son ran the bronze business. He not only made copper into doorknobs, but also made a reed on the Swiss clock and an Olympic medal, a pound of copper was sold for $3500 by him. At this time, he was already the chairman of a bronze company.

He always followed the teachings of his father. What really made him "turn stone into gold" was a pile of rubbish in New York. In 1974, the US government tendered for cleaning up the waste from the renovation of the Statue of Liberty, but because New York's Regulations on Environmental Protection of waste disposal are very strict, if you don’t handle it well , you'll be bankrupted by charging. After several months, no one tendered. As soon as the chairman heard about it, he flew to New York, he watched the copper, screws and wood piled up under the Statue of Liberty and signed a contract with the state government to dispose the waste.
Many transportation companies waited to see his jokes and thought it was unpleasantly difficult to contract the business. However, the Jews immediately began to organize waste classification: He made people melt the scrap copper and cast it into a little Statue of Liberty; he processed the cement block and wood into a pedestal; and made the waste lead and scrap aluminum the key to the New York Square.
Best of all, He did not waste a little bit of waste, and even sold the ash that was swept away from the Statue of Liberty to the flower shop, which he called "the dust of freedom." In a few months, he turned the pile of waste into more than 3.5 million dollars in cash.
A wise person can "turn stone into gold" and make waste profitable. This is the power of wisdom.

Investment is a knowledge which is obscure and difficult, many people continue to fail in this sea of business, but there are still more people who yearn to find the martial secret book and win the life of wealth.

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