The defects and disadvantages of traditional banks have existed for a long time, which provides a unique opportunity for the birth and development of digital banks.

The TarK digital wallet has taken the lead in this revolution. TarK will build the ambitious goal of digital bank through encryption technology, distributed accounting, artificial intelligence and big data.

The trend of change in the world's digital banks is imperative

The traditional bank's IT system was invented in 1967. Although the system is seriously outdated, it is puzzling that people are still using it.

The day-to-day activities of banks are inseparable from the nature of technology and mathematics, which is catering to the needs of the information digital age. In order to survive in the 21st century, the traditional banking industry has tried its best to refuse to accept digital innovation, and the lag of science and technology and poor risk management have gradually become their shortcomings.

In addition, most customers are not satisfied with the services provided by the bank. In addition, banks in many developed countries are with zero interest rates and negative interest rates, and accompany by default risks. It is not cost-effective and precariousto keep money in banks, but consumers do not have many other options. For many SMEs in developing countries that do not have access to financial services, banks are unable to provide them with more suitable financial services based on their credit qualification.

In this case, the urgent demand for digital bank is already an irresistible trend.
The emergence of digital bank in the future will facilitate the global 2.5 billion consumers who have not received sufficient banking financial services, and will also bring more abundant financial services to more than 45 million SMEs.

Digital bank will harness the power of technology to cater to groups under the age of 50 who grew up in the computer age. The mobile technology strategy will provide people with more convenient and efficient services and better integrate into people's lives. Through the breakthrough of information security, digital banks can avoid the central information repository with risk of leakage, and replace it with an encrypted, more dispersed information system.

The construction of TarK wallet digital bank, determined to win

The digital bank will essentially be a combination of financial technology companies and banks. Like traditional banks, digital banks can be divided into five areas: retail banking, commercial banking, analysis and IT technology, financial management and operations, and risk management. It is worth noting that, unlike traditional banks, because of the nature of digital bank, analysis and IT technology will be the most important development cornerstone of digital bank. Basically, the success or failure of a digital bank will depend on its technological strength rather than financial products.

Based on this understanding, TarK Wallet has built a cross-chain wallet that supports the payment, storage and transaction of all token assets through the most advanced fourth-generation blockchain technology, and then achieves the goal of establishing digital bank.

In the ecosystem structure of TarK wallet, the construction of digital bank will be comprehensively considered from consumers, investors, banks themselves, digital customers, etc., so that all parties can balance and develop, solve the defects of traditional banks, and realize the global digital new ecosystem. TarK Wallet's future plan is to make 100 million people around the world become Tark users, create a global settlement ecosystem, and realize the vision of digital bank.

TarK wallet's digital bank construction plan caters to the needs of the times. Strong science and technology and complete ecological construction planning are the decisive factors to promote the success of this transformation. The future that carries our strong expectations will come soon!

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