Wallet is the interface between user and blockchain, and it is an important entrance for the real world to the blockchain world. From another perspective, the essence of the wallet is the private key management tool, which is closely related to the blockchain and digital assets, and the attributes of assets are strong. The development of digital wallets in the future will also be closely enriched and expanded around these two characteristics.

With the development and evolution of the industry, it is bound that some wallets will carry out deep cultivation on technology and resources in a certain field to form high barriers in the industry, while others will conduct business optimization and resource aggregation in a all-round and comprehensive direction. Today, we take a new force of the digital wallet industry, TarK wallet, as an example, and analyze the development trend of digital wallet in the future from the aspects of its functions and advantages.

With the increase in asset types, Tark, an integrated management portal, supports multi-currency cross-chain storage and trading.

As there are more and more types of digital assets, users are in urgent need of a unified platform to help users manage many types of assets. However, due to the current liquidity segmentation of centralized digital asset transactions, users need to register and log in different accounts to query and trade in different exchanges. The process is cumbersome, so the wallet will become the preferred solution for asset aggregation. The asset integration management can summarize the user's token holdings situation in multiple wallets and exchanges and provide unified services of summary, query, analysis and transaction. In the future, the development of multi-platform cross-chain exchange and other functions will be supported, which will also meet the diversified needs of users' liquidity.

TarK Wallet manages all the high-quality currencies in the world, supports all ERC20-TOKENs, cross-chain support all types of tokens circulating in the world, such as BTC, LTC, ETH, EOS and ETC, it is the leading product of the new generation of digital wallet.

DAPP Application Portal - TarK opens a third-party ecosystem to support the entering of third-party applications.

In the Internet age, it is like a variety of apps as a window for users to experience the mobile Internet. In the future, in the blockchain era, various types of Dapp will also become the main way for users to directly participate in the blockchain. Since the interaction between users and Dapp needs to consume digital assets, and the wallet serves as a tool to assist users in managing various digital assets, its importance is self-evident, and it may become a new era of application store, becoming a true super traffic entrance in the 3.0 era of blockchain.

Functional entrances such as the use rights of the token, income rights, etc. - TarK wallet to achieve all the user's token rights with one click.

In the future, with the landing of the blockchain project and the increasingly strong functional attributes of the token, wallet, as the entrance of blockchain world, will play a very key role. Users can only exercise the various functions and powers represented by the token if they are directly in charge of the private key. In the future, there will be more practical use scenarios of token, such as various types of behavior mining, dividends, power certificate and so on. The direct and convenient channel provided by the wallet will release the functional potential of the token other than the transaction, and better promote the development of the token economy.

Trading attributes are growing – TarK Wallet supports cross-chain trading of token assets.

The wallet user naturally has the transaction demand, and the assets in the TarK wallet can be traded without being withdrawed from the wallet, which not only reduces the operation steps of the user to transfer and withdraw the currency, reduces the probability of making mistakes, but also enhances the user's stickiness, which provides a good development direction and a fund precipitation for the subsequent transformation of the wallet project.
Financial services continue to improve - let 100 million people around the world become Tark users, create a global settlement ecosystem, and realize the vision of digital bank.

As a platform for asset precipitation, digital asset wallet is not only a tool, but also a traffic entrance, capital entrance and financial service platform. A series of financial services around assets will be the focus of future development of wallet.
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