Money and time are the heaviest burdens of life. The least happy are those who have too much of these two things but do not know how to use them. --Inscription

Three merchants were to be jailed for three years, and the warden met one request from each of them. American merchant love to smoke cigars and requested three boxes of cigars. French merchant are the most romantic and requested a beautiful woman to accompany them. The Jewish merchant said that he wanted a phone to communicate with the outside world.

Three years later, the first person to rush out was the American,. The nostrils were filled with cigars and shouted: "Give me fire, give me fire!" It turned out that he had forgotten the fire.

Then came the Frenchman, holding a child in his arms, a beautiful woman with a child in her right hand and beared the third.

Finally, the Jews came out. He held the hand of the warden and said, "I have been in prison for three years, but I can communicate with the outside world every day. My business has not stopped, but it has tripled, in order to express my gratitude. I will send you a Rolls Royce!"

The three people are in the same dilemma, with the same time and opportunity, but because of the different choices, the Americans missed the opportunity, the French increased the burden, and only the Jews created wealth.

At all times, the Jews who put making money first, no matter where they are, they will find ways to break through the commercial dilemma.

Blockchain, the outlet of the future wealth

The era of blockchain 1.0 (Bitcoin), created by mysterious man Nakamoto, brought the blockchain into the human vision for the first time. Because of powerful wealth opportunity in the blockchain market, various governments have increased their human and material resources in the development of blockchain.

From 2016, the “blockchain heat” has begun to ferment in China. As of today, the blockchain is still a hot topic among the whole people. As a subversive technological innovation, in addition to the huge impact on the underlying logic of the Internet, the blockchain has also opened a "digital currency" journey of wealth around the world.

The emergence of blockchain not only solves the complicated and huge system that is difficult to control by the existing Internet—the problems of unclear data information, fragmentation of network information, disordered network expansion, and so on. It also transforms Internet data from centralization to decentralization. Internet data is basically concentrated in the hands of a few giants. The data of the weaker and the application of the stronger have evolved the logical ecosystem of the underlying of the Internet.

In addition, blockchain reconstructs this strong and weak logic through trusted and efficient peer-to-peer collaboration and the advantage of effectively combining information flow and value flow. While subverting the existing underlying logic of the Internet and reshaping the digital social value system, it has built a rule-oriented and credible digital world, ensuring that "belonging property", "human identity is credible" and "ordered and compliance behavior" in the digital world.
The application of blockchain technology has long been extended from a single digital currency application to various fields of economic society, such as financial services, supply chain management, culture and entertainment, real estate, medical care, e-commerce and other application scenarios. The value of blockchain technology is gradually recognized by major enterprises, and it has also attracted the attention of governments around the world.

In 2019, the blockchain ushered in a burst of growth, and the blockchain also ushered in a brand new era of 4.0. In the future, the blockchain will surpass its own limit and lead people to a new commanding point of wealth!
Jewish merchant AJM creates another way of wealth

Based on blockchain technology and based on decentralization and anonymity, the Jewish Jewish JT team built a “private Internet” on distributed nodes for human use. On this basis, through precise and rigorous product design, AJM breaks through the industry barriers and runs the initial functions in the cryptocurrency wallet application, building a complete set of decentralized financial and business ecosystems. This kind of decentralized consensus society is a full ecological future currency network, which we call AJM.

The Jewish merchant AJM is a blockchain project worthy of the participation of all mankind. It is like a beam of light that is shining on the lost lambs. If you seize the opportunity, you can work with us to create wealth, together with the wisdom of Jews and decentralized ideas to change the world!
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