In order to give back to users, GGBTC officially launches Registration and Referral Reward Program from August 15 to August 29.

GGC, the world's first platform coin based on Tron, has been growing exponentially since the market opened, making it one of the world's most dominant digital currencies.

On the opening day of GGC in July, the skyrocketing volume also led to the surge in the number of GGBTC users of “50% off token activity”, not only showing the future of the platform coin GGC, but also showing the potential for GGBTC to capture a lot of traffic on global exchanges.

GGBTC has access to a game platform with an average daily UV of over one million. While continuously expanding the GGC circulation ecology and enriching the GGC's rights and interests, GGBTC will give full play to the lock-up effect and create a new economic model that is extremely deflated.

Users who hold the GGC and participate in the transaction on GGBTC will receive a discount to deduct the trading fees. At the same time, GGC holders can participate in the game platform, super node, free token listing voting, multi-level promotion reward, and GGC resonance pool and so on.

In the future, GGC's usage scenarios will continue to increase, including but not limited to: launching the blockchain asset distribution platform Launchpad, and GGC raising funds as margin instead of Ethereum; launching investment and financing products such as currency deposit, currency loan. GGC will create more new business models and new products to meet the diversified needs of investors, activate the intrinsic value of GGC, and create an extremely deflationary platform coin ecology.

The launch of Registration and Referral Reward Program is an early bird opportunity for global users to enter the market as soon as possible. It is also the best time to become a great player in the early stage of the new platform.

Activity rules:
Activity time: August 15 - August 29
The specific rules for Registration Rebate (GGC) are as follows:

New users can get 10GGC after KYC verification.
Invite new users to register and complete their KYC verification. The referrer and the referred user will receive 10 GGC respectively.
The number of referred friends are not limited, but the reward for referrer is only one.
The rule of withdrawal: Deposit 300 USDT and then the reward GGC will be unlocked.

The specific rules for Invitation Rebate are as follows:

Each time the referred user accepts the invitation and registers by the invitation code or invitation link sent by the referrer and makes a real transaction, the commission will be paid to the referrer according to a certain proportion of the rebate.

Rebate ratio: 50%GGC
Rebate amount = actual trading volume * handling fee ratio * rebate ratio
Rebate form: The rebate is returned to the referrer's trading account in the form of GGC. When the referred user makes a transaction using any kind of USDT/ETH/BTC, the commission actually obtained by the referrer will be returned to the referrer after conversion calculation in GGC.
The principle of withdrawal: All the GGC are locked, and there are 2 types of lock time:
GGC will be locked for 6 months: deposit 2000USDT
GGC will be locked for 12 months: deposit 1000USDT
Valid period of rebate: During the event,the commission obtained by the referrer is valid.

Note: The handling fee of deposit and withdrawal is not included in this event.
GGBTC reserves the right to make adjustments to the rebate activity rules at any time, but there is no limit to the number of friends you can invite.

Duplicate or fake accounts are strictly prohibited and no rebate will be paid and the account will be permanently sealed. Duplicate accounts or shared funds are not eligible. If the invitee violates the corresponding risk control rules , the handling fee will not be returned to the referrer. At the same time, the invitation and the resulting rebate become invalid.

Special Note: If the activity is adjusted, the GGBTC platform update shall prevail. Due to changes in the market environment and the existence of fraud risks, GGBTC reserves the right to make final adjustments to the rebate rules at any time.