Nowadays, the “rules of the game” of global banks are being subverted. Today, what traditional banks are most afraid of is not the so-called third-party payment, but the blockchain!

Relying on its revolutionary technical power, blockchain has shown amazing "talent" in peer-to-peer payments, decentralization, non-temperable, consensus algorithms, machine trust, workload optimization and so on. These technologies will overturn the bank’s current traditional business and model.

According to a report released by Santander, Spain's largest bank, if blockchain technology is used internally by banks around the world around 2020, it will save about $20 billion a year. Such data is sufficient to illustrate the tremendous changes and breakthroughs that the “blockchain” has brought to the traditional financial field.

Yao Yudong, director of the Institute of Finance of the Central Bank of China, once said: "born on the Internet, died in the blockchain." This warns those traditional financial institutions and Internet giants that are insensitive to blockchain technology. Just now, the National Bank of India directly stated: "By 2030, traditional banking services may no longer exist, and all banking services can be replaced by blockchain!"
Two advantages of blockchain replacing banks:

  1. Blockchain digital currency does not need to be stored by the bank
    The security of the blockchain digital currency is far greater than the security system of the bank. Your key itself is the “God password”. For contemporary technology, it is basically undecipherable. The same data is whether you believe in yourself or believe in the bank.

Moreover, the circulation of blockchain digital currency belongs to the full record type, and the process of circulation can be seen. Even if there are insecure factors, it can be effectively tracked or even recovered.
2. The blockchain cryptoassets themselves are payment systems
No matter where you are, as long as you have a network, you can pay a certain fee to transfer money, and the transfer does not require any intermediary and guarantee. The smart contract of blockchain can also make effective electronic contract forthe trading and circulation of various digital assets, so that each commitment can be effectively fulfilled.
The above two points basically make the blockchain cryptoassets replace the basic functions of the bank, then the existence of banks is meaningless!

Jewish merchant AJM, the wind vane of gigital banks in the future

Since last year, with the popularity of bitcoin, blockchain has become more popular than "artificial intelligence", Ali, Jingdong, Tencent, Baidu all entered. Since the advent of Bitcoin, Jewish merchant AJM has been continuously developing and improving blockchain technology until 2016, when the decentralized financial promotion group was established to enter the global financial market. As an advocate of digital banking on the whole network, Jewish merchant AJM is essentially different from any cryptocurrency we know.

AJM brings more than just a new type of cryptocurrency, not just a new blockchain product; it brings a new decentralized financial network ecosystem, a truly disruptive business practice, nd a reshaping of the value of the Internet. With unparalleled financial logic and new rules of the game, it will become a truly decentralized global currency and bring real financial freedom to the world.
Sixteen years ago, you were afraid to try shopping online;
Fifteen years ago, you didn't believe in a thin bank card;
Ten years ago, you said Bitcoin was a financial bubble;
Six years ago, you resisted using QR code to pay;
In 2018, you resisted the advent of the era of "cryptoasset";
But this world will not stop changing because of your paranoia!

If you don't change, the times are changing!
If you don't change, the environment is changing!
If you don't change, the market is changing!
If you don't change, your opponent is changing!

The pace of the times will not stop for anyone, whether you accept or not, the era of "digital asset" will come! The only thing that will change is your wealth - wealth will be lost with you because of your hesitation and waver!

So, what are you waiting for, questioning and waiting will not benefit you. Only by joining the Jewish merchant AJM can you gain a foothold in the era of“digital asset”, to gain the financial freedom and have a happy and perfect life!
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