The “AJM Change World Global Consensus Conference” was grandly opened on August 13, 2019 at the Doubletree Hilton Hotel at Qingdao Oriental Movie Metropolis SUNAC in Qingdao, China. The conference was hosted by the WBCC World Blockchain Alliance and brought together together the leading resources of blockchain industry technologists, founder of high quality project, investment partners, top institutions in the industry, and so on.

The guests present at the conference included: Research Assistant, Digital Economic Research Institute of the United Nations World Silk and Road Forum, Member of China Communications Society, Dr. Yu Xiaoli, Mr. Zhang Weizhen, Global Business Partner of ChainUP, Mr. Ding Jie, consultant lawyer, WBCC World Blockchain Alliance, International Authority on Blockchain Law and well-known Digital Finance legal expert, Mr. Yang Taohua, the core leader of the Jewish saints, the founder of the VDS Fire Community, the mentor of the AJM Global Operations Center,the representative of the GOKO Exchange, Ms. Fan Qianhui, the WBCC Future Fortune Club, the world Secretary-General of the Blockchain Alliance Chamber of Commerce, Wang Feihong, Mr. Chen Guanghai, President of ColdLar Channel Sales, and leaders of outstanding community members from various countries, and so on.

At the beginning of the conference, with magnificent music and majestic atmosphere, invited guests appeared on the stage to jointly launched the AJM International Consensus Conference.
Next, Mr. Yang Li, the leader of the organizers, delivered a speech on the stage. Mr. Yang is full of confidence in the underlying technology and operation mode of the AJM project and the global development of digital banking! He pointed out that AJM is a world-class good project and calls on all human beings to participate together!

(The organizer leads Mr. Yang Li's speech)
Subsequently, Dr. Yu Xiaoli, Research Assistant, Digital Economic Research Institute of the United Nations World Silk and Road Forum, Member of China Communications Society, gave a speech on "Financial Technology Promotes the Global Development of Digital Bank". At the conference, Dr. Yu cut through the three aspects of the history of banking development, the era of digital economy, and the security of cybersecurity—financial technology. He deeply analyzed the fact that “security is the first priority of financial development and the primary guarantee for national development”. She stressed that the blockchain 4.0 era has arrived, and financial technology will promote the global development of digital bank and completely change people's lifestyles.

(Dr. Yu Xiaoli)
Next, Mr. Zhang Weizhen, the global business partner of ChainUP, delivered a keynote speech on “Technical Support of the Exchange”. As the world's leading blockchain technology service provider, ChainUP is committed to providing customers with a safe, stable, reliable and global one-stop technical service. Bitwind owned by Chainup aggregates the liquidity of more than 200 exchanges, creating the optimal depth for customers, increasing transaction volume and trading experience.

(ChainUP Global Business Partner Mr. Zhang Weizhen)
The development of enterprises needs to abide by the laws and policies of various countries, so the legal layout is very important. In this conference, WBCC World Blockchain Alliance consultant lawyer, blockchain law international authority, well-known digital financial law expert Lawyer Ding Jie made a case study of the Global Block chain legal Environment for his guest friends, and the participants benefited greatly. Ding Jie also said: Jewish merchant AJM as a world-class project, at the beginning of development, the global legalization layout has been strictly done, the legitimate rights and interests of all users can be effectively guaranteed.

(Lawyer Ding Jie, legal expert in Digital Finance)
The Jewish saints have always been a legendary existence. This conference was fortunate to have invited the Core Leader of Jewish Saints, the founder of the VDS Fire Community, and the mentor of AJM Global Operations Center Mr. Yang Taohua to deeply analyze the AJM project. As a deep network operation backbone project, AJM not only has a global leading technical team and a fully anonymous and efficient organization, but also caters to the global trend of decentralized blockchain, providing an opportunity for the construction of a free ecosystem of the whole network. According to the the field understanding, AJM is the public blockchain project of the fourth generation block chain technology, and its core technology of digital bank has completely surpassed BTC and ETH.

(Mr. Yang Taohua, the core leader of the Jewish saint JT team)
Next, Ms. Fan Qianhui, representative of GOKO Exchange, gave a wonderful sharing of the “Exchange Strategic Cooperation Planning” for everyone. According to Ms. Fan, the GOKO Exchange currently has nearly 350,000 registered users, and the transaction volume has exceeded 10 million USDT. It has created a very mature community-governance cryptoasset trading platform and has obtained strategic investment from Node Capital.

(Ms. Fan Qianhui, representative of GOKO Exchange)
Then, WBCC Future Fortune Club, World Blockchain Alliance General Chamber of Commerce, General Secretary Wang Feihong came to the stage to bring you the theme of "Layout of WBCC Global 30 Conference" and "AJM Global Strategic Planning". According to Ms. Wang Feihong, the WBCC World blockchain alliance will hold 30 special conferences around the world and gradually launch the globalization strategy of AJM digital bank.

(WBCC Future Fortune Club, Secretary-General of World Blockchain Alliance General Chamber of Commerce, Wang Feihong )
In recent years, exchanges have been hit by coin loss, coin theft, and hackers. Network security has always been a major concern for everyone. ColdLar provides enterprise-class cold wallet solutions, and has achieved great success in the wallet field. Mr. Chen Guanghai, President of ColdLar Channel Sales, who was invited by this conference, analyzed the significance of global cyber security for everyone, and also popularized the knowledge of ColdLar Wallet. He said: Cybersecurity concerns the real benefits of each of us, and it is imperative to establish and maintain a long-term mechanism for network security.

(Mr. Chen Guanghai, President of ColdLar Channel Sales)
In addition, the representative of the Thai community, Ms. Chen, and the representative of guests from the Korean community, Mr. Jin, took the stage to express their firm belief and good wishes for the future development of AJM!

(Mr. Chen, representative of the Thai community)

(Representative of guests from the Korean community , President Kim)
At 18:00 p.m.,, “AJM’s Changing the World and Global Consensus Conference and Qingdao Summit” ended successfully in the enthusiastic discussion of the guests at the event. We believe that through this consensus conference, the participating guests will work together and will be able to gather together to become a powerful force to change the world. We hope that these pioneers can lead everyone into a new highland of digital economy, and look forward to AJM digital banking globalization as soon as possible!Here are some related links for the AJM project.
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