Archimedes, an ancient Greek scholar, declared with great pride: Give me a fulcrum, I can shake the earth. The modern American inventor, Tesla, is even more self-important. He said: With a resonator, I can split the earth into two!

Once, Tesla came to Wall Street, climbed an unfinished steel-framed building, took a small item out of his coat pocket, clamped it on one of the steel beams, and then pressed a small button on it. After a few minutes, you can feel the steel beam shaking. Slowly, the intensity of the trembling began to increase and extended to the entire building. Finally, the entire steel structure began to squeak and shaked. The frightened steel frame workers thought that there was a problem with the building, or even an earthquake, so they rushed from the elevated stucture to the ground. Seeing that things has become ever more serious, he felt that the joke was over, so he collected the little item, and then slipped away from an underground passage, leaving the frightened and inexplicable workers on the construction site.

The above paragraph is a description of the invention of the resonator of the famous American inventor, Tesla, in which a "small item" is a resonator. It is foreseeable that if he puts this small item on for another ten minutes, the building will fall into the ground. The book says that with the same small item, the Brooklyn Bridge (the bridge connecting Manhattan and long Island in New York) can be destroyed in less than an hour, causing it to fall into the deep and dark seafloor. Moreover, in this book, Tesla even said: With this small item, I can split the earth into two!

Is this a science fiction or an absurd novel? Otherwise, a small item that is big but a fist and weighs a few pounds is really so powerful.Can it knock down a towering building or even a giant bridge? What kind of item is it?

It turns out that it is a resonator. Its power lies in the fact that it can emit waves of various frequencies. When these waves of different frequencies act on different objects, a resonance wave can be generated correspondingly. When the resonance wave reaches a certain extent, the object can be destroyed.

Resonance creates the world

Resonance is a term of physics that is very frequently used. Resonance is defined as the phenomenon of two objects with the same vibration frequency, causing another object to vibrate when one vibrates.

Resonance is also called "resonance" in acoustics. It refers to the phenomenon that an object makes a sound due to resonance. For example, two tuning forks with the same frequency are close together, one of them vibrates and the other makes sound.

Take advantage of resonance to bring happiness and benefit

In fact, the application of resonance can be traced back to a very long time.

As early as in the early Warring States period, people at that time invented various kinds of resonators to detect the enemy's situations. "Mozi · Beixue" records several of them:

Dig a deep hole at a certain distance under the root of the city wall. A urn with a capacity of 70 to 80 liters is buried in the hole, and the urn is covered with leather. This actually creates a resonator. Let the auditory and intelligent person fall on this resonator and listen to the sound, when there is a noise of the enemy digging tunnels to attack the city, not only can be detected, but also according to the loudness of each urn can identify the direction and distance of the enemy. Another method is to embed two leather-covered urns in the same deep hole. The two urns are separated by a certain distance, and the direction of the enemy is judged according to the loudness difference between the two urns.

The above methods have been used by military strategists of all ages. Qi Jiguang, a famous anti-japanese pirates in Ming Dynasty, used the above method to listen to the sound of the enemy digging tunnels.

Today, on behalf of the Jewish spirit, the JT team, which brings together the world's elites, is committed to building a cryptoasset project AJM. AJM blends blockchain technology with Jewish civilization and resonates Bitcoin with the global cryptoasset AJM to create a win-win situation. A great, Turing-complete cycle of symbiotic value chain is designed, and then the digital bank is launched to support the ecosystem of the whole network!

Resonance trading is a channel for Bitcoin to exchange Aollar in one direction. By using the same elliptic curve algorithm, BTC and AJM can use the same private key to obtain the public keys of BTC and AJM respectively through base58check encoding. After Bitcoin is exchanged for Aollar, the AJM address under the same private key will receive the exchanged Aollar.

This design allows Bitcoin to be exchanged to Aollar under full anonymity and decentralization.

In AJM, the regular phase of resonance trading is called CEX, meaning that money can be exchanged permanently, where X stands for an infinite circulation.
Method of resonance trading

  1. Create an AJM wallet private key, switch to the BTC wallet, obtain the BTC public key, transfer Bitcoin to the address, and then initiate a one-way exchange between Bitcoin and Aollar through the AJM wallet's resonance trading function.

  2. Directly import the BTC private key into the AJM wallet, and initiate the Bitcoin to Aollar one-way resonance trading through the resonance trading function of the AJM wallet.

The Jewish saint JT and the global colleagues invite you to share the civilization, resonance and win-win!

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