How easy is it to learn Crypto?

I remember when Bitcoin was first introduced. It was new and — what I didn’t know then — revolutionary. Being a young teenager with a thirst for knowledge, I created a wallet and bought some bitcoin.

Now here’s my biggest regret; I spent it all.

Once my wallet was empty, I ditched it. Forever forgotten and lost in the depths of the internet.

How many of you can relate to this?

However, bitcoin is MUCH more valuable now. It isn’t as easy to obtain in large quantities. Everyday, new alt coins are being introduced and technologies being developed.

Additionally, more people are aware of the massive value that coins hold nowadays, but the question is…How high is the barrier to entry for people to learn about Crypto technology?

When I ask people why they haven’t chosen the invest in Crypto I get responses such as..
- I don’t understand the technology.
- It seems too complicated.
- It’s too expensive.
- It’s all just hype.
- It’s too late to invest.
- What’s crypto?

There seems to be some sort of re-occurrence here. If you take a deeper look, you can notice that many of the responses include some sort of lack of understanding and or knowledge about Crypto.

So I decided to investigate, how many resources are out there that teach the fundamentals of Crypto? How easy are these resources to understand for someone with no significant technological background?

What are/were your favorite learning resources for learning about Crypto and what coins to invest in? If you chose YouTube, which channels and why?(Non-technical friendly, visual demonstrations, etc.) Or did you decide books were the way to go?

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@castr131 I'm reasonably new to crypto and not particularly techy but I take great pleasure in researching a subject, reading opinion pieces about it, following social channels, keeping up with latest news stories etc. I've learnt so much and I really believe you don't need to be any kind of tech genius to learn about crypto and make informed choices when it comes to the different types of currency and platforms to trade on.

Let's face it there is a never ending source of information out there for anyone to find, you just need to discover which sources are reliable and which aren't.

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