GGBTC has been offering a 50% discount on digital currencies such as PTT, DXCK, DAppt, KDS, DeFi, EKT and Higirl since August 19, 2019. The form of snap-up activity consists of a 50% discount on tokens, free GCC for buyers, rewards for registration and referral, etc., which maximizes the benefits for users.
The seven digital currencies not only set an astonishing trading speed in GGBTC, but also created a history of GGBTC trading volume in the snap-up activities.
3,000,000 PTT sold out in 23.18 seconds.
150,000 DXCK sold out in 38.095 seconds.
1,000,000 DAptt sold out in 81.606 seconds.
300,000 KDS sold out in 22.447 seconds.
300,000 DeFi sold out in 125.703 seconds.
30,000 EKT sold out in 16.721seconds.
300,000 Higirl sold out in 24 seconds.
In addition to the exponential growth of the cryptocurrencies, the prices are also amazing, which undoubtedly gives the users a strong basis for making the right choices under the current situation of emerging digital currencies.
GGBTC is a globally integrated trading platform that provides diversified system functions such as token trading, margin trading, and over-the-counter trading to meet the trading needs of various investors. GGBTC has received more than RMB 50 million in financing. GGBTC insists on selecting premium cryptocurrencies with huge appreciation potential so that users can seize the opportunity of wealth.
Next, GGBTC will continue to list more projects, and carry out a 50% discount on new cryptocurrencies and premium cryptocurrencies. Users who failed to purchase 50% off tokens in the previous activities can follow GGBTC official updates. Thanks for your support.