Hello everyone,

There have been several updates to our forum that I'd like to discuss with you:

We've introduced reactions, check the bottom left of each post to react to it (this is a beta feature, it has known bugs).

We prefer you use these reactions in lieu of quick replies. The reason behind this is because we'd like to make this forum a place for people to come to when they want to see high quality original content rather than short messages such as "#HODL life" or "will bitcoin hit 10k?". To this effect, we've additionally implemented a minimum post length of 60 characters, but we may increase or decrease this requirement as needed in the future.

Additionally, we've introduced new reputation rules. You'll discover those on your own, but for now we'll make it a bit easy to gain reputation. Later on, it will be significantly more difficult to acquire rep (i.e, reputation can be only given out once per x day or y weeks).

Aside from that, we'd like to introduce you to our forum rules (subject to change as needed) :

  • Absolutely no shilling, any posts about a specific coin without cold hard facts that are referenced in the post will be removed. (e.g. XZY is better than ABC requires you to justify it with more than just "this is how I feel").

Please flag posts that violate the aforementioned rule(s) and we'll remove them promptly.

That's all for now. Don't forget to checkout our twitter, telegram and medium.

P.S. Reactions currently have no notifications attached them. We're working on adding this feature soon.