Since ancient times, the way of trading currencies has changed with the development of society. From the exchange of things to the current electronic payment, the way of payment has changed, and our life is more convenient.
Expressway tolls will stop manual tolling collection.As long as the WeChat or Alipay is bound, the license plate becomes the payment code, the license plate will be automatically recognized when leave the expressway and the charges will be automatically deducted ; the restaurant also starts to apply self-help ordering; the WeChat self-service supermarket has quietly settled in other cities. ......
A female author named Miriam used a shocking title in the German great newspaper -Germany's Die Welt: China's mobile payment is light years ahead of German and gave the Germans an enlightenment class for mobile payment.
At a meeting, Ms. Miriam saw the participants from China using mobile phones. In the eyes of the Germans, China's WeChat and its various services are dazzling, and compared to Google or Amazons that Germans are used to, the Chinese mobile phone program is very different in aesthetics. But on the dazzling page, there is a mobile payment service that Germans still can't enjoy.
Unacceptable to Ms. Miriam, Alipay and WeChat are only open to Chinese people at airports and retail stores in Germany. How unfair this is! Chinese people can pay by QR Code, but Germans can't.

Western online payment PayPal was established 20 years later before it started mobile payments with Google. And China's mobile payment goes to different areas directly in the same time. The existing German mobile payment is still limited to large shopping malls.But in China QR codes are everywhere and China's mobile payment field has far surpassed that of the West.
China's mobile payments are not only used in duty-free shops in shopping malls or airports, but mobile payments have penetrated into all areas of life of Chinese people. Mobile payment can pay for water and electricity, buy movie tickets, order food, pay taxi, buy a train ticket, play games even buy or sell stocks etc.
Inspired by China Mobile's payment, Tark's global payment system came into being. Tark built a digital bank for the world, regardless of race,and national boundaries, for the common use of all mankind. Tark payment system not only has two characteristics of anonymity and security, but also has six advantages of supporting multi-currency, high-speed, multi-account system, offline signature, multiple verification, and open third-party ecosystem, which fully reflects the spirit of blockchain..
In terms of user experience, Tark created a multi-language, multi-currency, multi-functional payment environment. Tark can be used in any country, enabling a higher level of user experience, regardless of exchange rate.
In the near future, Tark's payment system will create a professional, transparent and safe blockchain digital banking payment system that will provide a global payment solution for more and more businesses and users.