Bitcoin fundraiser to fight homelessness

Love this news story, what a great way to fundraise. A simple QR code on a program - I know this was Silicon Valley billionaires but this would work just as well in a community event in principle, just a case of giving people as many different options to support your cause as you can

It is a nice gesture. The marketer in me can't help but notice how much exposure this will generate for the blockchain. really nice but I wonder how the money will be spent. Is it going to be handed out to homeless people for them to sort out their housing issues and live at current market prices, or would a charity organization use it to build shelters that would at least get people off the streets until they're back on their feet? And finally, would these folks relocate out of the Bay Area to cheaper suburbs?

Oh I absolutely share your cynicism @Coin_Raven, on so many fronts. But any gimmick which intrigues billionaires enough to fork over a few dollars in a new way is probably a good thing 🙂

I look forward to future charitable projects which use the blockchain to ensure accountability in resources use and track deliverables, I know there are plenty in the pipeline, and with the bashing the sector has had in international development lately, that reassurance is badly needed

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