People and investors who are into IOTA have been waiting with bated breaths for some time now in anticipation of “Q”--that mysterious project which IOTA says will be a game changer.

I finally got to watch the video announcement today and I am not impressed. The whole set up to the announcement reeks of a well planned and oiled hype machine at work. Sort of hyping for hype sake. The video is scanty with information. It would have been amazing to finally get some clarity over the true nature of this mysterious “Q” after such a long time of waiting.

There were three key features identified; from what I could tell they are:

  • Deployment of Oracles;
  • smart contracts capabilities;
  • and outsourced computing (in what context? I am uncertain).


I could be wrong, but it all feels like an attempt at rebranding something that been a component of the roadmap since the very beginning in order to create some mystique and hype around the project. Really scummy behavior. AFAIK, smart contracts have always been part of the IOTA roadmap.

After yesterday's announcement, IOTA prices jumped, and it’s been steadily doing so since this announcement was made. If QUBIC delivers; amazing. But if it tanks, a downward correction of prices is inevitable.

I am -totally bullish on IOTA and it comprises a large portion of my holdings but I am dog-tired of all the hype. An announcement, to announce an announcement sounds like the definition of *** work. Make me wait for one month, two months if you have to and tell me what I need to know instead of all the theatrics.


Guys, what do you think?

Meanwhile, we need to wait twenty-five days before we can be told what's really going on.